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Daily Quick Crossword January 19 2023 Answers

Best Daily Quick Crossword January 19 2023 Answers:

Friendly 8 letters AMICABLE
Encountered 3 letters MET
Very pale 5 letters ASHEN
Obstructed 7 letters IMPEDED
Sardonic 7 letters MOCKING
Hold-up 5 letters DELAY
Doglike 6 letters CANINE
Walk with long steps 6 letters STRIDE
Relating to sight 5 letters OPTIC
Puzzling questions 7 letters RIDDLES
Huge 7 letters IMMENSE
Salt solution 5 letters BRINE
China’s ‘Great Helmsman’ 3 letters MAO
Wholly 8 letters ENTIRELY
Native American style haircut 7 letters MOHICAN
Tin 3 letters CAN
Card game for four players 6 letters BRIDGE
Speeded up 9 letters EXPEDITED
Pattern 5 letters MODEL
Toy bear 5 letters TEDDY
Road-surfacing material 6 letters TARMAC
Freedom from guilt 9 letters INNOCENCE
Animosity 7 letters ILLWILL
Religious festival in spring 6 letters EASTER
Clergyman 6 letters PRIEST
Narcotic derived from poppies 5 letters OPIUM
Musical speed 5 letters TEMPO
Exclude 3 letters BAR


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