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Daily Cryptic Crossword November 7 2022 Answers

Best Daily Cryptic Crossword November 7 2022 Answers:

Rage at cathedral – in moderation 11 letters TEMPERATELY
Invented and resolved differences 6 letters MADEUP
Kent river is European sea route! 6 letters MEDWAY
Each pastrycook’s product is in one 6 letters APIECE
Go for garage job? 6 letters REPAIR
Notice love causes bother 3 letters ADO
A craftsman we declare! 6 letters WEAVER
Push roughly with large tool 6 letters SHOVEL
Longs for time with poles 6 letters YEARNS
Gongs for damsel in distress 6 letters MEDALS
I read naught new in a newspaper 11 letters THEGUARDIAN
Volcano in Vietnam 4 letters ETNA
Current unit a member gets before 6 letters AMPERE
Turn up again to harvest fruit 8 letters REAPPEAR
Damage caused by hothead with a weapon 4 letters HARM
Make fun of nudes dancing on piano 6 letters SENDUP
It may end with explosion 8 letters DYNAMITE
Party leader is not pleased with gifts 8 letters PRESENTS
One girl joined two 8 letters ROSEMARY
Knave forced to travel 6 letters VARLET
Decree in road construction 6 letters ORDAIN
Thus composer closed 4 letters SHUT
Come down for real estate 4 letters LAND


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