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Daily Quick Crossword November 14 2022 Answers

Best Daily Quick Crossword November 14 2022 Answers:

Return on savings 8 letters INTEREST
Mischievous little creature 3 letters ELF
Intended 5 letters MEANT
Sumptuous meal 7 letters BANQUET
Lurch 7 letters STAGGER
Capture 5 letters CATCH
More expensive 6 letters DEARER
Sea trip 6 letters VOYAGE
Arrive at 5 letters REACH
Immediate 7 letters INSTANT
Upset agitate 7 letters DISTURB
Milk delivery vehicle 5 letters FLOAT
Be indebted 3 letters OWE
False teeth 8 letters DENTURES
North American falls 7 letters NIAGARA
Devour 3 letters EAT
Go aboard 6 letters EMBARK
Dogged unyielding 9 letters TENACIOUS
Burst forth 5 letters ERUPT
Go and get 5 letters FETCH
Entertained 6 letters AMUSED
Racing dog 9 letters GREYHOUND
Fashionable 7 letters ALAMODE
Housing area 6 letters ESTATE
The capital of Portugal 6 letters LISBON
Wild West show 5 letters RODEO
Gangway 5 letters AISLE
Common viral infection 3 letters FLU


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