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Daily Cryptic Crossword November 14 2022 Answers

Best Daily Cryptic Crossword November 14 2022 Answers:

Tom’s mare could be a beast 8 letters MARMOSET
What models do to be seated 3 letters SIT
Wrath in the midst of dangers 5 letters ANGER
Free from impurities eels can swim 7 letters CLEANSE
Crime that upsets senator 7 letters TREASON
Logs I ordered from a town in Ireland 5 letters SLIGO
Cleopatra’s lover brings article to New York 6 letters ANTONY
Gain made by professional in good condition 6 letters PROFIT
Heather takes off in the morning from America 5 letters ERICA
Musical direction by an Italian poet 7 letters ANDANTE
Pressing metal in Gateshead 7 letters IRONING
Separated father comes back with gallery contents 5 letters APART
No opposition 3 letters YES
What makes telly so awful about the first of December according to the Julian calendar 8 letters OLDSTYLE
Increase is relative when false gem is inset 7 letters AUGMENT
Spoil part of the Common Market 3 letters MAR
Back in a little while 6 letters SECOND
Cherished rendition of rare duets 9 letters TREASURED
A desert is in a mess 5 letters SINAI
Score hits 12 letters THETOPTWENTY
I lack stately form in Utah 12 letters SALTLAKECITY
Independent republic created by Romanians? 9 letters SANMARINO
A pigeon a supporter has to follow 7 letters FANTAIL
Joke say about duke unable to speak 6 letters GAGGED
Solid fragments? They’re adored 5 letters IDOLS
A foot at the rear of a ship 3 letters AFT


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