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Daily American Crossword November 14 2022 Answers

Best Daily American Crossword November 14 2022 Answers:

Early jazz composition 5 letters STOMP
Love to Lucretius 4 letters AMOR
Medallion meat 4 letters VEAL
Gambling game 5 letters POKER
Lavish affection 4 letters DOTE
Baltic port 4 letters RIGA
Acquiesce 5 letters AGREE
Podium 4 letters DAIS
Norse king 4 letters OLAV
Defensive ditches 5 letters MOATS
Stiff-necked 9 letters OBSTINATE
High spd. phone line 4 letters ISDN
Irish province 6 letters ULSTER
Means of access 6 letters AVENUE
Mattress filling 5 letters KAPOK
Fashionable area of London 9 letters BELGRAVIA
Weapon in a silo for short 4 letters ICBM
__ My Party 3 letters ITS
Samuel Butler’s Utopia 7 letters EREWHON
William Tell’s home 3 letters URI
Wart-covered creature 4 letters TOAD
Tear to pieces 9 letters DISMEMBER
Indian princes 5 letters RAJAS
Narcotic 6 letters OPIATE
Pick 6 letters CHOICE
Benefit 4 letters BOON
North German citizen 9 letters HAMBURGER
Sum 5 letters TOTAL
Kazakh-Uzbek sea 4 letters ARAL
Curly-leafed cabbage 4 letters KALE
Persian today 5 letters IRANI
Air 4 letters TUNE
Jane Austen heroine 4 letters EMMA
Treat with tea 5 letters SCONE
Irritated state 4 letters SNIT
Escritoire 4 letters DESK
James or Marsha 5 letters MASON
Unwanted e-mail 4 letters SPAM
Ghana’s neighbor 4 letters TOGO
Gumbo ingredient 4 letters OKRA
Encounter 7 letters MEETING
Coerce 8 letters PRESSURE
Extension 5 letters ADDON
Biblical kingdom 4 letters MOAB
Elevator inventor 4 letters OTIS
Gather one’s strength 6 letters RESTUP
Anna Karenina’s lover 7 letters VRONSKI
Israeli seaport 5 letters EILAT
Playing marble 5 letters AGATE
Tennis great Rod 5 letters LAVER
Specialized U.N. agency 3 letters ILO
Costly 4 letters DEAR
Somewhat 4 letters ABIT
Quash 4 letters VETO
Film feline 4 letters ELSA
NZ birds 5 letters KIWIS
Sounds of satisfaction 4 letters AAHS
Hindu scripture 4 letters VEDA
Castro’s land 4 letters CUBA
Author Harte 4 letters BRET
Deep mud 4 letters MIRE
Melville title 4 letters OMOO
It’s relatively helpful 8 letters NEPOTISM
Small amount 7 letters DRIBLET
One of the Balearics 7 letters MINORCA
Prefix with pressure 3 letters ACU
Pulled suddenly 6 letters JERKED
Powwows 5 letters CHATS
__ al-Rashid 5 letters HARUN
Muscat native 5 letters OMANI
Fracture 5 letters BREAK
Plucky 4 letters GAME
Shade trees 4 letters ELMS
Kit Carson’s home 4 letters TAOS
The A in A.D. 4 letters ANNO
Property claim 4 letters LIEN


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