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Free Themed Crossword November 14 2022 Answers

Best Free Themed Crossword November 14 2022 Answers:

Mae ___ film siren 4 letters WEST
Showed up 4 letters CAME
Emulate Olympian Nathan Chen 5 letters SKATE
Jai ___ 4 letters ALAI
Out of town 4 letters AWAY
1911 Chemistry Nobelist 5 letters CURIE
Supreme Court count 4 letters NINE
Low-lying area 4 letters VALE
On ___ and a prayer 5 letters AWING
Three firsts 14 letters DEGREEKISSLADY
Sally Field’s Norma ___ 3 letters RAE
___ chi (martial art) 3 letters TAI
Part of AWOL 6 letters ABSENT
Queen or drone e.g. 3 letters BEE
Cassette contents 4 letters TAPE
Hubbub 5 letters NOISE
Like old jeans 5 letters FADED
Exxon product 3 letters GAS
Three seconds 15 letters GUESSFIDDLEBEST
Bird-to-be 3 letters EGG
Sharp-tasting 5 letters TANGY
High-strung 5 letters TENSE
Perlman of Cheers 4 letters RHEA
Pipe joint 3 letters TEE
Horse’s gait 6 letters CANTER
Lobster eggs 3 letters ROE
The first T of TNT 3 letters TRI
Three thirds 14 letters WORLDWHEELRAIL
Hopping mad 5 letters LIVID
Wife of Zeus 4 letters HERA
___ bitten twice shy 4 letters ONCE
Greenish shade 5 letters OLIVE
Bridge seat 4 letters EAST
Pack away 4 letters STOW
Birch relative 5 letters ALDER
Arborist’s concern 4 letters TREE
E-mail command 4 letters SEND
Wizard’s tool 4 letters WAND
Night author Wiesel 4 letters ELIE
Warbled 4 letters SANG
Seating section 4 letters TIER
Warning; proviso 6 letters CAVEAT
Conscious 5 letters AWAKE
French Sudan today 4 letters MALI
Spud buds 4 letters EYES
Milan’s La ___ 5 letters SCALA
Persian Gulf country 6 letters KUWAIT
Like the Kalahari 4 letters ARID
Minuscule 4 letters TINY
Brain scan for short 3 letters EEG
Writer Hemingway 6 letters ERNEST
Girder material 5 letters STEEL
One of the seven deadly sins 5 letters ANGER
When the ___ breaks . . . 5 letters BOUGH
Prolonged attack 5 letters SIEGE
Hook shape 3 letters ESS
Symbol of authority 5 letters BADGE
Mini-whirlpool 4 letters EDDY
Go-between 5 letters AGENT
Old hat 5 letters PASSE
Oil of wintergreen e.g. 5 letters ESTER
___ and dandy 4 letters FINE
Bit of information 6 letters DETAIL
Inevitable 5 letters FATED
Big name in London 3 letters BEN
Show up 6 letters ARRIVE
Bring into being 6 letters CREATE
Wiser’s partner 5 letters OLDER
Brusque 5 letters TERSE
Potential heir’s concern 4 letters WILL
Metamorphoses poet 4 letters OVID
Put an edge on 4 letters WHET
Get wind of 4 letters HEAR
Friends role 4 letters ROSS
Chip in chips 4 letters ANTE
Computer image 4 letters ICON
Bawdy 4 letters LEWD
Hawaii’s Mauna ___ 3 letters LOA


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