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Daily Themed Crossword November 2 2022 Answers

Daily Themed Crossword November 2 2022 Answers

The ___ before the storm 4 Letters CALM
Core muscles for short 3 Letters ABS
Sizzling sound 3 Letters SSS
Black and white ice-cream topping perhaps 4 Letters OREO
Lawyers charge 3 Letters FEE
Cows hey 3 Letters MOO
High school goer e.g. 4 Letters TEEN
Rat ___ (hopeless situation) 4 Letters TRAP
Frying essential 3 Letters OIL
Day after Wednesday briefly 3 Letters THU
The ___ Guy American sitcom starring David Schwimmer as Ross Geller 6 Letters SINGLE
Grand ___ (Arizona attraction) 6 Letters CANYON
Indent key 3 Letters TAB
Singer Grande to her fans 3 Letters ARI
___ Talks (influential videos) 3 Letters TED
Mules dad 3 Letters ASS
___ of Brothers American war-drama miniseries starring David Schwimmer as Captain Herbert M. Sobel 4 Letters BAND
Like jelly thats ready to eat 3 Letters SET
Sashimi ingredient perhaps 3 Letters AHI
Vocabulary insect? 3 Letters BEE
L.A. ___ American legal-drama series starring David Schwimmer as City Attorney Dana Romney 3 Letters LAW
___ Aviv-Yafo (Israel city) 3 Letters TEL
Six-legged sugar lover 3 Letters ANT
Morning skin-care regime for one 6 Letters RITUAL
The ___ Years American comedy-drama series starring David Schwimmer as Michael 6 Letters WONDER
Snouted swimmer with scales 3 Letters GAR
JFK info: Abbr. 3 Letters ETA
Daybreak? 4 Letters DAWN
Some Adobe files: Abbr. 4 Letters PDFS
Subway halt for short 3 Letters STN
Corporate bigwig letters 3 Letters CEO
Popular historical strategy-based video game: Abbr. 3 Letters AOE
… come ___ standstill…: 2 wds. 3 Letters TOA
Computer manufacturer with blue logo: Abbr. 3 Letters IBM
Slangy yes 3 Letters YEP
Camp bed perhaps 3 Letters COT
What ___ the odds? 3 Letters ARE
Spiderman comic books writer Stan 3 Letters LEE
American sitcom starring David Schwimmer as Greg Richardson 5 Letters MONTY
Lagos continent for short 3 Letters AFR
Feed the ___ American crime-drama series starring David Schwimmer as Thomas Tommy Moran 5 Letters BEAST
Old photo tone 5 Letters SEPIA
Mixture of smoke and fog? 4 Letters SMOG
Where an earthworm can be found 4 Letters SOIL
Underside of a shoe 4 Letters SOLE
Auto-___ (vocal correction software) 4 Letters TUNE
Too ___ to Handle (Netflix reality series) 3 Letters HOT
Michael Jordans organization: Abbr. 3 Letters NBA
Ubers offering 3 Letters CAB
A in UAE 4 Letters ARAB
Number of lives a cat is said to have 4 Letters NINE
Dial-up Internet alternative: Abbr. 3 Letters DSL
___ Night Live American talk show starring David Schwimmer as the host in 1995 8 Letters SATURDAY
Moisturizing butter found in lotions 4 Letters SHEA
The Walking ___ (2010 show starring Norman Reedus) 4 Letters DEAD
Organ with a drum? 3 Letters EAR
Nest component 4 Letters TWIG
Not in good health 3 Letters ILL
Father of Arya Stark in Game of Thrones 3 Letters NED
Last Call singer Braxton 5 Letters TRACI
Fixture seen in a pub maybe 3 Letters TAP
180 degrees from east 4 Letters WEST
Bus driver in The Simpsons 4 Letters OTTO
Grandma fondly 4 Letters NANA
___ Therapy American comedy series starring David Schwimmer as Newell Miller 3 Letters WEB
Sound made while eating food when repeated twice 3 Letters NOM
Friend or ___ 3 Letters FOE
Month before Halloween for short 3 Letters SEP


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