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Daily Themed Crossword November 3 2022 Answers

Daily Themed Crossword November 3 2022 Answers

City tour vehicle perhaps 3 Letters BUS
Starchy tuber 3 Letters YAM
Helicopter landing site 3 Letters PAD
Suffix with can or gran 3 Letters OLA
Fleecy female 3 Letters EWE
Moody music genre 3 Letters EMO
___ DiFranco Untouchable Face singer 3 Letters ANI
Unexpected glitch 4 Letters SNAG
Weve got ___ other and thats a lot for love… (Bon Jovi lyrics) 4 Letters EACH
___ Fiennes Harry Potter film series actor who portrays Chef Slowik in The Menu 5 Letters RALPH
Bo-o-ring! 4 Letters YAWN
Sailors Yes captain! 3 Letters AYE
Nicholas ___ Mad Max: Fury Road actor who portrays Tyler in The Menu 5 Letters HOULT
Pilates necessity 3 Letters MAT
___ bella 4 Letters CIAO
Floral Hawaiian necklace 3 Letters LEI
___ joke (unfunny) 3 Letters DAD
Darling for short 3 Letters HON
Office PC linkup: Abbr. 3 Letters LAN
Kind of whiskey or bread 3 Letters RYE
Carnival ride provider perhaps 4 Letters PONY
Yins partner 4 Letters YANG
___ McTeer Ozark actress who portrays Lillian in The Menu 5 Letters JANET
What A in USDA means for short 3 Letters AGR
The ___ Knight (Christian Bale movie) 4 Letters DARK
___ your request…: 2 wds. 5 Letters ASPER
___ Leguizamo Super Mario Bros. actor who portrays the role of a Movie Star in The Menu 4 Letters JOHN
Runs on TV say 4 Letters AIRS
___ carte: 2 wds. 3 Letters ALA
Ocean predator that loves seals 4 Letters ORCA
Swattable insect 3 Letters FLY
Officiate calling strikes and balls for short 3 Letters UMP
The Family Circus cartoonist Keane 3 Letters BIL
Anagram of not 3 Letters TON
Place to park 3 Letters LOT
Wild pig 4 Letters BOAR
Bone in the arm 4 Letters ULNA
Travel like Sinbad 4 Letters SAIL
Currency of Japan 3 Letters YEN
Cast ___ (Tom Hanks movie) 4 Letters AWAY
Prefix with byte referring to storage 4 Letters MEGA
Vegetable that sounds like a letter 3 Letters PEA
The Walking Dead network: Abbr. 3 Letters AMC
Play-___ (clay craft brand) 3 Letters DOH
Once bitten twice ___ 3 Letters SHY
Father of ambient music Brian 3 Letters ENO
Encouragement gesture on the back 3 Letters PAT
Owlish query? 3 Letters WHO
Cave sound effect 4 Letters ECHO
___ Inga Hansen Uma Thurmans character in The Producers 4 Letters ULLA
Slim and trim e.g. 4 Letters LEAN
Chloe ___ (fitness personality YouTuber) 4 Letters TING
___ Angelou And Still I Rise writer 4 Letters MAYA
Gulf of ___ (Yemeni port) 4 Letters ADEN
Charged particle 3 Letters ION
___ Taylor-Joy The Queens Gambit actress who portrays Margot in The Menu 4 Letters ANYA
Hall of Famer Ervin fondly 3 Letters DRJ
Mom-dad school committee: Abbr. 3 Letters PTA
2022 2023 and 2024 for short 3 Letters YRS
___ Mode from The Incredibles 4 Letters EDNA
G in LPG 3 Letters GAS
Backwater floater? 4 Letters RAFT
K in KG 4 Letters KILO
___ Adelstein Prison Break actor who portrays Ted in The Menu 4 Letters PAUL
Ticklish muppet 4 Letters ELMO
Completely fascinated by 4 Letters RAPT item 3 Letters JOB
Do it ___ quit!: 2 wds. 3 Letters ORI
Stomach acid letters 3 Letters HCL
Singer Weaver known for Pierre 3 Letters RYN


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