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Daily Themed Crossword November 4 2022 Answers

Daily Themed Crossword November 4 2022 Answers

__ Lo Green of Cell Therapy 3 Letters CEE
Pirates liquor perhaps 3 Letters RUM
Not near say 3 Letters FAR
Mean figure for short 3 Letters AVG
___ Baba and the Forty Thieves 3 Letters ALI
Shallow singer Lady 4 Letters GAGA
Drumstick piece 3 Letters LEG
Prayer ending word 4 Letters AMEN
Straighten out say 4 Letters EVEN
Chocolate ___ wizarding sweet from Harry Potter that came with collectible cards 5 Letters FROGS
Carve in stone 4 Letters ETCH
Show follower to mean business 3 Letters BIZ
___ Bites magical candy from The Candy Shop War that tastes like vanilla yogurt 5 Letters FROST
Because ___ so: 2 wds. 5 Letters ISAID
Prefix with space or cafe 5 Letters CYBER
Apply makeup with a beauty blender say 3 Letters DAB
Neithers partner 3 Letters NOR
Like some wintery roads 3 Letters ICY
Grandpa from The Simpsons lovingly 3 Letters ABE
Take what you are given 6 Letters ACCEPT
___ Balloons sweet edibles from Charlie and the Chocolate Factory that can blow up to huge sizes 5 Letters SUGAR
Actress Whitman from Good Girls 3 Letters MAE
Apple desktop 4 Letters IMAC
___ Beanstalk candy Mr. Wonkas invention in Charlie and the Chocolate Factory that can make Wonka bots into vineballs 5 Letters JELLY
Email option 4 Letters SEND
Space station agency letters 4 Letters NASA
Winning combination in tic-tac-toe perhaps 3 Letters OOO
She in Portuguese 3 Letters ELA
Milk for those who are dieting 4 Letters SKIM
Coffee cup 3 Letters MUG
Towards the stern of a ship? 3 Letters AFT
Akin to eon 3 Letters ERA
Tooth polishing organization: Abbr. 3 Letters ADA
Cows little one 4 Letters CALF
Happily ___ after 4 Letters EVER
Stranger Things waffle brand 4 Letters EGGO
Farm animal with horns 3 Letters RAM
1997 Peter Fonda titular movie role 4 Letters ULEE
___ Jujubes candies from Charlie and the Chocolate Factory that gave the boy next door green teeth for a month 4 Letters MINT
Most admired for short 3 Letters FAV
Birthday count 3 Letters AGE
Participated in a marathon? 3 Letters RAN
Walt Disney Concert Hall designer Frank 5 Letters GEHRY
Singapores continent 4 Letters ASIA
Pygmalion authors letters 3 Letters GBS
AC emission: Abbr. 3 Letters CFC
___ oxide (sunscreen ingredient) 4 Letters ZINC
Japanese sash cincher 3 Letters OBI
Part of a minute for short 3 Letters SEC
Give it a shot! 3 Letters TRY
___ your pardon: 2 wds. 4 Letters IBEG
Gynaecologist e.g. for short 3 Letters DOC
___ Kapital of Karl Marx 3 Letters DAS
___ Dhabi (UAE capital) 3 Letters ABU
Deep sleep letters 3 Letters REM
Tattoo locale 3 Letters ARM
Kind of a sleepover party 6 Letters PAJAMA
Casual top worn with jeans usually 3 Letters TEE
First-___ (emergency kit) 3 Letters AID
Respond to a question for short 3 Letters ANS
Whisker ___ sweet from The Candy Shop War that made hair grow at an unusual rate in sixty seconds 4 Letters CAKE
___ Linda (California city) 4 Letters LOMA
Like bright colors 4 Letters LOUD
Ancient form of exercise from India 4 Letters YOGA
Oceans relative 3 Letters SEA
Santas workshop partner 3 Letters ELF
___ Geo Wild 3 Letters NAT
Honorary title for Michael Caine 3 Letters SIR


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