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Eugene Sheffer Crossword Answers November 17, 2022

Author: Eugene Sheffer


Dele undoer STET
Long lunch? SUB
Bygone jets SSTS
Bear lair CAVE
Part of NATO ATL
Singer Alessia CARA
Neat as — APIN
Goat’s plaint MAA
Out of control AMOK
Whale variety BELUGA
Marsh birds HERONS
Harry Potter pal RON
Restroom, for short LAV
Pedestal BASE
Rows of PC-screen buttons TASKBARS
Estuary RIA
“Isn’t — bit like you and me?” HEA
Actor Stephen REA
How lovers may stroll ARMINARM
Glimpse ESPY
Expert PRO
Profit NET
Hayfield work BALING
Raw materials ORES
King, in Cannes ROI
Wagon DRAY
Exhaust TIRE
Completely ALL
Lighten EASE
Back talk SASS
Director Brooks MEL


Wound cover SCAB
Carton sealer TAPE
Wicked EVIL
Length of service TENURE
“Bewitched” witch SAMANTHA
Broadway’s Hagen UTA
Humdrum BLAH
Ornamental beetle SCARAB
1982 sci-fi film TRON
Fifth Avenue store SAKS
“Scram!” GO
Caribou’s kin ELK
Bikini top BRA
Football filler AIR
Needlework pieces SAMPLERS
— Lingus AER
“Jurassic Park” actor SAMNEILL
Gym unit REP
Utter SAY
Showy flowers IRISES
Dijon denial NON
Chopin works ETUDES
Chicago transport EL
Automatons, for short BOTS
Met solo ARIA
Metric measure GRAM
Bummer DRAG
Sunrise direction EAST
Salon jobs DYES
Flamenco cheer OLE


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