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Eugene Sheffer Crossword November 18 2022 Answers

Eugene Sheffer Crossword November 18 2022 Answers:

Hilo hello 5 letters ALOHA
Indent key 3 letters TAB
Slump 3 letters SAG
Stared in wonder 5 letters GAPED
I love in Latin 3 letters AMO
Capote nickname 3 letters TRU
January to Juan 5 letters ENERO
Add water to 7 letters HYDRATE
Synagogue leaders 6 letters RABBIS
Les États- — 4 letters UNIS
Caught ya! 3 letters AHA
Many millennia 3 letters EON
Peaks of Peru 5 letters ANDES
On pension (Abbr.) 4 letters RETD
Wimp 5 letters SISSY
Lowlife in slang 6 letters CREEPO
Eats noisily 6 letters CHOMPS
Musical pace 5 letters TEMPO
Egyptian river 4 letters NILE
Dole out 5 letters ALLOT
Embrace 3 letters HUG
Workout venue 3 letters GYM
Humdinger 4 letters LULU
Film genre 6 letters HORROR
Apportion 7 letters PRORATE
D-Day beach 5 letters OMAHA
Yo! 3 letters HEY
Embassy VIP 3 letters AMB
Suppress in a way 5 letters SITON
Annex 3 letters ADD
Hearty quaff 3 letters ALE
Shorthand pro 5 letters STENO
Get older 3 letters AGE
PC linkup 3 letters LAN
Run 7 letters OPERATE
Olympian queen 4 letters HERA
Photoshop maker 5 letters ADOBE
Sesame paste 6 letters TAHINI
Adams and Tan 4 letters AMYS
Physique 3 letters BOD
Rise 5 letters STAND
Glee guitarist 5 letters ARTIE
Stab 5 letters GUESS
Writer Damon 6 letters RUNYON
— buddy 5 letters BOSOM
Curved line 3 letters ARC
That ship 3 letters HER
Fire sign? 3 letters ASH
Roundabout path 6 letters DETOUR
Use elbow grease on 5 letters SCOUR
Favorite 3 letters PET
Move seasonally 7 letters MIGRATE
Layer 3 letters PLY
Religious sch. 3 letters SEM
Friends role 6 letters PHOEBE
Greek leader? 5 letters ALPHA
Enticed 5 letters LURED
Frank — Wright 5 letters LLOYD
Icky 5 letters GROSS
Webmaster’s code 4 letters HTML
Skip 4 letters OMIT
Motorist’s org. 3 letters AAA
Sweetie 3 letters HON

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