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Eugene Sheffer Crossword November 19 2022 Answers

Eugene Sheffer Crossword November 19 2022 Answers:

Buffalo team 5 letters BILLS
Hinder 5 letters DETER
Frodo for one 6 letters HOBBIT
Wore down 6 letters ERODED
Texas city 6 letters ODESSA
Unattached 6 letters SINGLE
Army address 3 letters SIR
Let’s stop arguing okay? 5 letters TRUCE
Actor McKellen 3 letters IAN
Wife of Geraint 4 letters ENID
Supplement with out 3 letters EKE
Florida — 4 letters KEYS
Encore! 5 letters AGAIN
Support 7 letters ENDORSE
Chemical suffix 3 letters ENE
June honoree 3 letters DAD
Vie 7 letters CONTEND
Perhaps 5 letters MAYBE
Tarzan’s clique 4 letters APES
Morning moisture 3 letters DEW
Actress Deborah 4 letters KERR
R-V link 3 letters STU
Japanese fish dish 5 letters SUSHI
Extinct bird 3 letters MOA
Nervous giggle 6 letters TITTER
Emphasize 6 letters ACCENT
Come out 6 letters EMERGE
Crude shed 6 letters LEANTO
Diva’s solos 5 letters ARIAS
Frasier pooch 5 letters EDDIE
Portending 6 letters BODING
European peninsula 6 letters IBERIA
Scale abbr. 3 letters LBS
Roster 4 letters LIST
Intent look 5 letters STARE
Drop 7 letters DESCEND
Canal of song 4 letters ERIE
Heavy weight 3 letters TON
More jittery 6 letters EDGIER
Track events 6 letters RELAYS
Book before Joel 5 letters HOSEA
Tightly packed 5 letters DENSE
Guitar’s kin 3 letters UKE
Slimming plans 5 letters DIETS
Big camera brand 5 letters KODAK
SSW opposite 3 letters NNE
Weir 3 letters DAM
Survives 7 letters ENDURES
Social group 5 letters CASTE
Kia model 6 letters OPTIMA
Fix in a way 6 letters NEUTER
— Moines 3 letters DES
Saudi neighbor 6 letters YEMENI
Jane Eyre author 6 letters BRONTE
Poet’s muse 5 letters ERATO
Sea spouter 5 letters WHALE
Video game giant 4 letters SEGA
Chilled 4 letters ICED
Numerical prefix 3 letters TRI

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