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Eugene Sheffer – King Feature Syndicate – Feb 8 2024 Solutions

Clues Answers
“Angie” actor REA
“Kinda” suffix ISH
“Monopoly” corner GO
“The Sopranos” airer HBO
“— Lazy River” UPA
Actress Saldaña ZOE
Adolescent TEEN
Alley meower STRAYCAT
Arm’s-length portrait SELFIE
Ballpark figures CATCHERS
Big Apple neighborhood NOHO
Bond rating AAA
Brick workers MASONS
Brooklyn NBA team NETS
Canadian gas brand ESSO
Candle count AGE
Clone TWIN
Country singer McCann LILA
Craving ITCH
Curved lines ARCS
Epps of “This Is Us” OMAR
Exceptional RARE
Eyelid woe STYE
Fine, at NASA AOK
Formerly known as NEE
Gambling game FARO
Granola grain OAT
Guitarist Atkins CHET
Gym pads MATS
Has to MUST
Male swan COB

Clues Answers
Musician Yoko ONO
Myrna of film LOY
Name DUB
Nanny’s charge TOT
Oft-tattooed word MOM
Olivia of “The Crown” COLMAN
Purring pet HOUSECAT
RBI, for one STAT
River of New York HUDSON
Runway surface TARMAC
Secret meetings TRYSTS
Select, with “for” OPT
Small monkey MARMOSET
Squeeze (out) EKE
Stately tree ELM
Straight talk CANDOR
Sty chow SLOP
Submachine gun UZI
Tehran’s country IRAN
Texas city WACO
The pair BOTH
Top-notch AONE
Underground cemetery CATACOMB
Undressed NUDE
Watch reading TIME
While AS
Winged ALAR
Within (Pref.) ENDO
Year in Mexico ANO
— -ray Disc BLU


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