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Eugene Sheffer – King Feature Syndicate – Nov 10 2022 Crossword Answers

 Eugene Sheffer – King Feature Syndicate – Nov 10 2022 Crossword Answers

Clues Answers
“Excuse me …” AHEM
“Mayday!” SOS
“Now I get it!” AHA
“So frustrating!” GAH
“The Addams Family” actor Julia RAUL
“The Kite Runner” boy AMIR
Abysmal BAD
Baby elephant CALF
Bankbook abbr INT
Belonging to us OURS
BLT spread MAYO
BMW rival AUDI
Business mag INC
Cartoonist Addams, familiarly CHAS
Charged bit ION
Crew tool OAR
Cutting tool SAW
Director Rob REINER
Disorder MESS
Doubtfire or Miniver MRS
Eggy quaff NOG
Eluded the ticket taker SNUCKIN
Emmy-winning Daly TYNE
Favorites PETS
Fizzy drink SODA
Fly high SOAR
Formerly ONCE
Foundation BED
Fun and games REC
Garten of the Food Network INA
Granola morsel OAT
Guest’s bed COT
Half a score DECADE
Happy melody LILT
Harrow rival ETON
Hoops shot HOOK
Jazz legend Getz STAN
Madrid Mrs SRA
Mafia boss CAPO
Marry WED
Mexican resort CANCUN
Monster OGRE
Overshadow DOMINATE
Paris pal AMI
Peaks (Abbr.) MTS
Portents OMENS
Prickly plant CACTUS
Result of canonization SAINTDOM
Rock producer Brian ENO
Scratch the surface MAR
Senior moment? PROM
Sigmund or Anna FREUD
Summer month in Paris AOUT
Swiss canton URI
Takes five RESTS
That girl HER
The Cowboys, on a scoreboard DAL
The Gem State IDAHO
Waterfall CASCADE
Willy-nilly ATRANDOM
Worked the soil HOED
Year in Madrid ANO


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