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Family Time – Mar 27 2023 Crossword

Clues Answers
“I ___ your pardon?” BEG
“Silent night, ___ night …” HOLY
“___ you kidding me?” ARE
50% HALF
Address for a lady MAAM
Angel costume accessory HALO
Astronomical reference point LODESTAR
Be like an eagle SOAR
Be remorseful RUE
Britain’s ___ of Man ISLE
Charged atom ION
City betrayed by a horse? TROY
Close, as a window SHUT
Cornmeal cake PONE
Dairy case bar OLEO
Diamond, for one GEM
Donkey’s sound BRAY
Far from new OLD
Full of pretensions ARTY
Ham and cheese go-with RYE
Henley of The Eagles DON
In the center of AMID
Lamb’s father RAM
Memory lane walk STROLL
Mexican money PESO
Miami Heat great Chris BOSH
Moisten a turkey BASTE
Morning drops on grass DEW
Neighbor of Sudan UGANDA
Not fooled by ONTO
Not present or future PAST
Office note MEMO
Place for deodorant UNDERARM
Place to put coins in a machine SLOT
Popeye’s OK AYE
Quick DEFT
Race, as a motor REV
Second or third, on a field BASE
Shout of discovery EUREKA
St. or rd AVE
Streaker in the night sky COMET
Suited to the task APT
Teamwork obstacle EGO
Tex-Mex snack TAMALE
The end, musically CODA
Thing from “Wednesday,” e.g HAND
Thing to drive from? TEE
Thundery weather STORM
Tiger, for one (hyph.) MANEATER
Town official ALDERMAN
Train in a ring SPAR
Truly detest ABHOR
Wet dirt MUD
Where it’s good to get into hot water? SPA
Where there’s a wheel? HELM
Whirlpool EDDY
Whiskered swimmer SEAL
Word before “trap” and “bell” DOOR
Wrinkly vegetable KALE
Yeasty brew ALE
Yet another time ANEW
___ del Plata, Argentina MAR
___ Hatter from “Alice in Wonderland” MAD
___ one’s trade (work) PLY
___ vera ALOE
___shot (drummer’s technique) RIM
___sided (off-center) LOP


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