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Family Time – May 21 2023 Crossword

Clues Answers
$2,200 for April, for some RENT
”… do it or ___!” ELSE
”Despite that…” YET
”Everything must go” event SALE
”That’s ___ my goat, mine’s hairier” NOT
”Tom ___ Jerry” AND
”___ about time you got that tooth out!” ITS
Add-___ (extras) ONS
An outdoor home on the farm STY
Balm for your skin ALOE
Barnum ”attraction” EGRESS
Beef ___ bleu CORDON
Big-time tax collector IRS
Bird giving a hoot OWL
Call Bill Will ERR
Caspian is one SEA
Cause of a powdery bottom TALC
Chosen by votes, but not yet installed ELECT
Consumer (2 words) ENDUSER
Declare without proof ALLEGE
Deep wound GASH
Dish of many ingredients OLIO
Drink in an English mug ALE
Elderly OLD
Falsehood LIE
Farthest place from the bottom TOP
Fermentation sediments in a barrel LEES
Fill to excess SATE
First word of many books THE
Grassy field for grazing LEA
Helped AIDED
High minus 180 degrees LOW
In its original place (2 words) INSITU
Instead of do, ___ DONT
It lies on the beach SAND
It may feature loud bolts THUNDERSHOWER
It’s smelly NOSE
Kind of cookie with two colors OREO
Leaves abandoned DESERTS
Many and many LOTS
Not even close to wet DRY
Only partner? ONE
Place you may need to swim to escape ISLE
Pressing feeling URGE
Put above or below decks STOW
Rocky ___ ice cream ROAD
Safe? No, you’ve been tagged OUT
Ship’s framework HULL
Short story? No, no, no EPIC
Someone a lot like you PEER
Stylists style there SALON
Super fancy pitcher EWER
Super smooth material SATIN
Swinging zoo attraction? APE
Tampa Bay baseballer RAY
Tennessee’s flower IRIS
Things written in family albums AGES
U-turn from profit LOSS
U-turn from up DOWN
Use your eyeballs SEE
Watermelon part SEED
White-haired from many birthdays HOARY
Whitish gem OPAL
Without an escort ALONE
Word following party or concert GOER
Work? No, not at all PLAY


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