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Family Time – Nov 13 2022 Crossword Answers

Family Time – Nov 13 2022

Clues Answers
”Adios!” (2 words) SOLONG
”American Idol” texts VOTES
”Beat it, scorpion!” SHOO
”That was a long time ___” AGO
”The food ___ great, but the service is terrific” ISNT
”Watch it, I’m standing here!” HEY
22-Down relatives RHEAS
A certain native of Arabia OMANI
Abbr. preceding an alias AKA
Accept as payment HONOR
American spy grp CIA
Any NFL player PRO
Barbecue spare thing RIB
Be Moses or Abraham Lincoln ACT
Beam of sunlight RAY
Believe it or what? NOT
Bistro, for one EATERY
Causing goosebumps CREEPY
Cease and what? DESIST
Chocolate-maker’s tub VAT
Clergyman in charge of a chapel VICAR
Covert ___ (13-Across activities) OPS
Declare invalid or officially cancel ANNUL
Dentist’s filling INLAY
Drain the energy from SAP
Elephant’s munchie PEANUT
Fashionable Karan DONNA
Football card facts STATS
German’s hundred cents EURO
Goes on and on at the mouth YAPS
Had resonance RANG
Headdress worn by Miss America TIARA
Clues Answers
In reference to ABOUT
In ___ of (replacing) LIEU
Increase the intensity (with ”up”) AMP
Indiana’s time zone EASTERN
Insect on hills ANT
It may have a welcomed spring in the middle OASIS
Japanese city of 2.8 million OSAKA
Jug handle, you hear? EAR
Large bird from Down Under EMU
Like April’s bread in June STALE
Little bit of money DIME
Long heroic tales with many extras EPICS
Massive reference book ATLAS
Measure for a mixture (abbr.) TSP
Mister alternative SIR
One saluting the bride and groom TOASTER
Peak covered in snow ALP
Person authorized to conduct worship services PARSON
Place with a super fancy tub SPA
Quite familiar with (2 words) USEDTO
Repent from sin ATONE
Satellite dish predecessor ANTENNA
Small food scrap ORT
Some diet drinks have one CALORIE
Things in magazines ADS
U-turn from quite busy (2 words) ATREST
Vacuums or holes of emptiness VOIDS
Welsh dog CORGI
White or yellow tree BIRCH
Word in a generic cheer RAH
Your daddy’s sister AUNT
___-Wan, sci-fi character OBI


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