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Family Time – Nov 14 2022 Crossword Answers

Family Time – Nov 14 2022

Clues Answers
Aftermath of faking the handoff PASS
Air that can make you cough SMOG
All your hiking stuff all packed up GEAR
Any made-up excuse LIE
Any mister swan COB
Be Harriet Tubman right now ACT
Be meek, as a tide EBB
Beastly creature or boss OGRE
Belonging to either of those ladies HERS
Bivalve mollusk CLAM
Buzzing little picnic pest GNAT
Char on a hot Weber SEAR
Cloth you don’t throw away yet RAG
Commonly used connector AND
Continually disturb on purpose RILE
Creator of a big bang TNT
Cut into metal like an artist ETCH
Dark or gray physics stuff MATTER
Frigid time spell (2 words) ICEAGE
Give birth, in a barnyard CALVE
Hawaiian gift LEI
Historic boy King TUT
Historical paradise EDEN
If you’re so reclined, it’s a homophone for lane LAIN
In concord with one another AGREEING
Influence of one state over others HEGEMONY
It holds your Silly Putty EGG
It’s a negative prefix ANTI
Jewish observance with a meal SEDER
Joule fraction, ”work” it out ERG
Lecterns DAISES
Looking with your face all squinty and whatnot PEERING
Measurement for a huge crop ACRE
Clues Answers
Meat behind a lunch counter BOLOGNA
Minibus relative VAN
Most major of major airports HUB
Native of Prague CZECH
Neither’s word partner NOR
Non-clashing color TAUPE
Not those people or me YOU
One might need corrective lenses EYE
Reason to say ”I’ve got it!” IDEA
Rocket-didn’t-rocket NASA words NOGO
Sandwich offering in a deli BLT
Scam runner CON
Section of a massive stadium TIER
Shape formed from a bend ARC
short – memory filler? TERM
They are barely over deuces TREYS
They put webbed feet in a vee GEESE
Thing identical twins share DNA
This-for-that action TRADE
Tippy things TOES
Tool for a watery ”crew” OAR
Toward the rising of the sun EAST
Trampled on pavers TROD
Trawling equipment NETS
Two things you can swing ARMS
Type of party for little girls TEA
Ultimate height ACME
Unreal and most certainly fake ERSATZ
Very, very tiny energy source ATOM
Warm caregivers MOMS
Way through the forest PATH
Word to a dog while filling its bowl SIT
Words before high standard or date SETA


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