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Free Themed Crossword November 16 2022 Answers

Best Free Themed Crossword November 16 2022 Answers:

Wee pranksters 4 letters IMPS
Scope or extent 5 letters AMBIT
Chichén ___ (Mayan city) 4 letters ITZA
___ et Chandon (Champagne brand) 4 letters MOET
Film genre 5 letters DRAMA
Fortuneteller 4 letters SEER
Shrinking Eurasian sea 4 letters ARAL
Teed off 5 letters UPSET
Long and lean 4 letters LANK
Central Georgia foul-ups? 13 letters MACONMISTAKES
Baseball bat wood 3 letters ASH
Urgent PD messages 4 letters APBS
Body of cultural values 5 letters ETHOS
Timberlake’s old band 5 letters NSYNC
Meat lover’s soft drink? 9 letters BACONSODA
Eureka! relative 3 letters OHO
Noon on a sundial 3 letters XII
Spot on playing card 3 letters PIP
Harbor sight 7 letters TUGBOAT
Phony names 7 letters ALIASES
New stock listing briefly 3 letters IPO
Yoo-___! 3 letters HOO
___-Cat (winter vehicle) 3 letters SNO
Chow time at a famous English school? 9 letters ETONLUNCH
Insult or ridicule in an online post 5 letters FLAME
Western skills competition 5 letters RODEO
Billion or million suffix 4 letters AIRE
Built-in item on a laptop 3 letters MIC
Feline on the witness stand? 13 letters LIONUNDEROATH
Self-important 4 letters SMUG
Roasted in Spanish 5 letters ASADA
Render ___ Caesar … 4 letters UNTO
Every 4 letters EACH
Passover ritual 5 letters SEDER
Tête output 4 letters IDEE
Chinese skillets 4 letters WOKS
Prefix for Atlantic or continental 5 letters TRANS
___ serif font 4 letters SANS
Song title used by Bo Diddley and Steve Winwood (two different songs) 6 letters IMAMAN
Overwhelming entanglement 6 letters MORASS
Hunky-dory 6 letters PEACHY
City W. of Caen 4 letters STLO
What ___! (classic Bette Davis line from Beyond the Forest) 5 letters ADUMP
Old soft drink once called Peppo 6 letters MRPIBB
Deep reed instrument 7 letters BASSSAX
How ___ Your Mother 4 letters IMET
Toodle-oo 4 letters TATA
Specks in the sea 6 letters ISLETS
Some High Street establishments 8 letters TEASHOPS
School of Buddhism 3 letters ZEN
Torah holder 3 letters ARK
Chip with a cheese topping 5 letters NACHO
Understanding 3 letters KEN
Garfield pooch 4 letters ODIE
Drains in a sense 4 letters SAPS
___ Hill (San Francisco neighborhood) 3 letters NOB
Espionage org. 3 letters CIA
Many National Gallery of Art paintings 4 letters OILS
Interstate H-1 locale 4 letters OAHU
Layer 4 letters TIER
No more than 4 letters UPTO
Bon chance! in English 8 letters GOODLUCK
Weight measure 3 letters TON
Gather 5 letters INFER
Early ISP 3 letters AOL
Anthem at Rogers Centre 7 letters OCANADA
Stable sounds 6 letters NEIGHS
___ roll (Brit’s TP) 3 letters LOO
Not visible 6 letters HIDDEN
Plummer of TV and movies 6 letters AMANDA
Hand protector 6 letters MITTEN
Reverberates 6 letters ECHOES
Backsides 5 letters REARS
Condé ___ 4 letters NAST
Software purchaser 4 letters USER
Parisian affirmations 4 letters OUIS
Work on seams 3 letters SEW


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