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Irish News Cryptic Crossword November 10 2022 Answers

Irish News Cryptic Crossword November 10 2022 Answers:

This follows the route when the army is on the move 5 letters MARCH
Strongly criticises a levy we hear 7 letters ATTACKS
Has nothing to do with devastated regions 7 letters IGNORES
A capital ring for a famous lover 5 letters ROMEO
Man of vision sounding old and withered 4 letters SEER
To retreat is a disadvantage 8 letters DRAWBACK
Will not show the usual custom 4 letters WONT
Destroys odd pieces 4 letters ENDS
Telephonist who works in the theatre? 8 letters OPERATOR
Six embroiled in the Spanish wickedness 4 letters EVIL
Showed a preference for a musical work by Edward 5 letters OPTED
To correspond in every detail 7 letters TOTALLY
He’d dare to upset one reputed to be quick-tempered 7 letters REDHEAD
Certainly not one of the big spenders 5 letters MISER
Cakes required for wedding officials (526) 13 letters
This is used for firing the stove 5 letters RANGE
Cattle coming from another direction 4 letters HERD
A user’s arranged to take out a policy 6 letters ASSURE
Casting a line into an article 8 letters THROWING
Completely enclose a navigational aid 7 letters COMPASS
One may need a rest during the game (76) 13 letters
What to do in the enclosure after the race 8 letters UNSADDLE
Forcibly taken away and temporarily dropped from the team we hear 7 letters WRESTED
An appointment the editor dispatched for delivery 6 letters POSTED
They provide partial cover one hears for the lowlands 5 letters VALES
Check a bit of boisterous temper 4 letters STEM


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