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Irish News Cryptic Crossword November 11 2022 Answers

Irish News Cryptic Crossword November 11 2022 Answers:

Naughty ladies men dream of 6 letters IDEALS
Take stock 6 letters RUSTLE
People who live near it have little latitude 7 letters EQUATOR
Not desirable company it’s said 5 letters THREE
Point to a tree from the window 4 letters SASH
Quick turn round in public transport 5 letters SMART
A place to be occupied in the Albert Hall 5 letters BERTH
Animal found in an overhead position 4 letters RHEA
Alter round afterwards 5 letters LATER
People will be annoyed to be given it 7 letters OFFENCE
A trying delay 6 letters REMAND
Merchant who gives players a hand 6 letters DEALER
Medical problem for a seaside resort 7 letters DISEASE
Ask about pursuit 7 letters REQUEST
Clerical material 5 letters CLOTH
Run true to form in training 7 letters NURTURE
Rear to be ruthless 5 letters STERN
Riotous spree in which the bar is overturned 5 letters REVEL
A burning romance somehow holds it up 9 letters CREMATION
Carriage axle bush for instance 7 letters BEARING
Hair style peculiarly English 7 letters SHINGLE
Rushes to find vocations 7 letters CAREERS
A left arm which may be raised 5 letters ALARM
Pound postage 5 letters STAMP
Partly deaf terribly behind 5 letters AFTER


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