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Irish News Cryptic Crossword November 8 2022 Answers:

Irish News Cryptic Crossword November 8 2022 Answers:

Battery room in the monastery 4 letters CELL
Culinary result of the taxidermist’s action! 8 letters STUFFING
More than one jailbird takes precautions against the cold 4 letters LAGS
Nothing follows order for special serviceman 8 letters COMMANDO
Presumably they don’t take part in open arrest! (66) 12 letters
A piece of fishing tackle on the sea 6 letters AFLOAT
Clothes I treat badly 6 letters ATTIRE
Could be one who takes their rest during the day? (57) 12 letters
Fellow from Belgian city is a faithful subject 8 letters LIEGEMAN
A girl from Poland or Armenia 4 letters DORA
Agreements to restrict modified rates all round 8 letters TREATIES
A male engineer is present 4 letters HERE
The deficit in fuel is massive 8 letters COLOSSAL
It’s reasonable to find an American soldier in a neighbouring pub 7 letters LOGICAL
Military personnel get poor backing in backstreet 6 letters TROOPS
Relatively speaking it may have many branches (64) 10 letters FAMILYTREE
In scansion I construe a kind of Greek verse 5 letters IONIC
Endless surly noise to become greater 4 letters GROW
A military force to show aloofness 10 letters DETACHMENT
Reduce the amount of seed to the acre! 8 letters DECREASE
I’m to give convincing evidence to make things better 7 letters IMPROVE
Land in the west at eventide 6 letters ESTATE
She is caught in the wire netting 5 letters IRENE
Plan to shoot about fifty 4 letters PLOT


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