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Irish News Cryptic Crossword November 9 2022 Answers

Irish News Cryptic Crossword November 9 2022 Answers:

Her mystic study 9 letters CHEMISTRY
It’s finished after six balls 4 letters OVER
Restrain the workers to show affection? (45) 9 letters HOLDHANDS
Was on trial in international match? 6 letters TESTED
It is obvious 150 are out of order 5 letters CLEAR
Not true fleas 5 letters FALSCH
Close to being stingy 4 letters NEAR
Work among doctors giving small doses 5 letters DROPS
The French ship is definitely a ‘she’ 4 letters LASS
Bend to heal about five 5 letters CURVE
The number of points gained is twenty 5 letters SCORE
Only one letter offering gas 6 letters BUTANE
Break up to join the cast perhaps (45) 9 letters TAKEAPART
A very long time beginning to make a gesture 4 letters AGES
Retire from the witness box: the structure has fallen (54) 9 letters STANDDOWN
Nearly everybody of the greatest importance (423) 9 letters MOSTOFALL
Never stopping 100 get no relief 9 letters CEASELESS
It makes the brother join the fraternity 4 letters HOOD
The way 50 make a pattern 5 letters MODEL
He may be able to sail 6 letters SEAMAN
Impolite but not quite coarse 4 letters RUDE
Got the chop so the fellow got married? 5 letters HEWED
The conclusion is oppressive 5 letters CLOSE
Put the back row in a different order 9 letters REARRANGE
Poetry without rules costs nothing (45) 9 letters FREEVERSE
Scornfully reject boy who has good deed to do 5 letters SCOUT
Does it sift the actors? 6 letters SCREEN
Strap ideally holds fast 5 letters RAPID
What the cobbler has finally? 4 letters LAST
Blockhead has quarrel at top of hill 4 letters BROW


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