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L.A. Times Daily – Nov 18 2022 Crossword Answers

L.A. Times Daily – Nov 18 2022 Crossword Solution

Clues Answers
“Getting here soon?” ETA
“I’ll do it!” LETME
“Night Sky With Exit Wounds” poet Vuong OCEAN
Ant-Man player Rudd PAUL
Apartment ad abbr RMS
Apollo 11 lander EAGLE
Aspen, in the Rockies? POPULARPOPLAR
Balloon BLOAT
Bay Area county MARIN
Be overly sweet CLOY
Béla Fleck’s instrument BANJO
Broadcast AIR
Button alternative SNAP
Cloisonne medium ENAMEL
Current event? EDDY
Diffuser emanation AROMA
Dim sum beverage TEA
Disappointment DUD
Droopy perennials IRISES
Fantasy heavy OGRE
Fashionista’s concern TREND
Fishing gadget LURE
Fitting APT
Focus group? EYES
Geographer’s volume ATLAS
Give a ring? PIERCE
Global clock std GMT
Got a great grade on ACED
Grammarian? USAGESAGE
Granola morsel OAT
Hefty rival GLAD
Imitate a lion ROAR
Insufficiently firm LAX
Make more capacious EXTEND
Managed RAN
Maritime crime PIRACY
Mortgage payment component, often TAXES
Native American trickster COYOTE
Nativity scene trio MAGI
Naval letters USS
Need a massage, perhaps ACHE
Nodding, e.g.? AUCTIONACTION
Not neg POS
One in a four-part harmony ALTO
One inept at data storage? CLOUDCLOD
Paean in verse ODE
Parting word to a dog STAY
Pile on an ed.’s desk MSS
Quite a few LOTS
Rich soil LOESS
Safety feature at a trapeze school NET
See 34-Down ONE
Short jacket BOLERO
Short notice? MEMO
Steadfast LOYAL
Steeped in a salt solution BRINED
Student of Socrates PLATO
Tempo PACE
Tense EDGY
Time-travel destination PAST
Toast topping JAM
Warm up some leftovers, say EATIN
Warm welcome OPENARMS
Warns, with “off” TIPS
Weds without ceremony ELOPES
Went out EXITED
Wheat protein GLUTEN
With 13-Down, 2016 film subtitled “A Star Wars Story” ROGUE
Word chanted in “Animal House” TOGA
Word with deck or dock HAND
Workout top TEE
Yearn LONG
__ Corps PEACE

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