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Metro Crossword November 10 2022 Answers

Metro Crossword November 10 2022 Answers:

Metal fastener 3 letters PIN
Proverbial saying 5 letters ADAGE
Driver’s woe 4 letters FLAT
__ out a living; got by 4 letters EKED
Counter an argument 5 letters REBUT
Like sardines 4 letters OILY
Nectar source 4 letters PEAR
Teenage infatuation 5 letters CRUSH
Smell to high heaven 4 letters REEK
Most popular pasta 9 letters SPAGHETTI
Think deeply 4 letters MUSE
Sunday to Saturday 4 letters WEEK
All __ sudden; abruptly 3 letters OFA
More agile 6 letters SPRIER
Hoi polloi; mass of citizens 8 letters POPULACE
Place for a spare 5 letters TRUNK
Sink outlet 5 letters DRAIN
Center of activity 3 letters HUB
Engagement symbol 4 letters RING
Ms. Garbo 5 letters GRETA
His and __ 4 letters HERS
__ my brother’s keeper? 3 letters AMI
Dog restraint 5 letters LEASH
Stop 5 letters CEASE
Necklace danglers 8 letters PENDANTS
Prison official 6 letters WARDEN
Strange 3 letters ODD
Role on Cheers 4 letters NORM
Fashionable 4 letters CHIC
Symbol for and 9 letters AMPERSAND
Stringed instrument 4 letters LYRE
Raises as kids 5 letters REARS
Breakfast __; kitchen section 4 letters NOOK
Read __; study about 4 letters UPON
Purple shade 5 letters MAUVE
Store ad news 4 letters SALE
Twisted 4 letters BENT
Actress Burstyn 5 letters ELLEN
Chicken producer 3 letters HEN
Energy 3 letters PEP
DDE & others 4 letters IKES
Tide type 4 letters NEAP
William Tell for one 6 letters ARCHER
Baseball’s Jeter 5 letters DEREK
Border on 4 letters ABUT
Blast of wind 4 letters GUST
African nation 8 letters ETHIOPIA
Stately; prim 6 letters FORMAL
In __ of flowersÉ; obituary request 4 letters LIEU
Brewed drinks 4 letters ALES
Little child 4 letters TYKE
Sketch 7 letters DRAWING
Weirdo 4 letters GEEK
Merriment 3 letters FUN
Strip of leather 5 letters STRAP
Word with time or rib 5 letters PRIME
Confrontation 5 letters RUNIN
Iron 5 letters PRESS
Sworn statement 4 letters OATH
In the lead 5 letters AHEAD
Evil spell 5 letters CURSE
Actor Buddy 5 letters EBSEN
Word of disgust 4 letters DRAT
French policeman 8 letters GENDARME
Melville & others 7 letters HERMANS
Youth 3 letters LAD
Altima & Accord 4 letters CARS
Museum guide 6 letters DOCENT
Deteriorate 6 letters WORSEN
Chutzpah 5 letters NERVE
Nightstick 4 letters CLUB
Excessive publicity 4 letters HYPE
__ Man; Robert Downey Jr. film 4 letters IRON
Repast 4 letters MEAL
Newman or Simon 4 letters PAUL
Early boatbuilder 4 letters NOAH
__ out; distribute 4 letters DOLE
Barbie’s beau 3 letters KEN


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