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Metro Crossword November 12 2022 Answers

Metro Crossword November 12 2022 Answers:

Cordial 4 letters WARM
Lightweight wood 5 letters BALSA
Part of a foot 4 letters ARCH
TV’s How __ Your Mother 4 letters IMET
Love in Limoges 5 letters AMOUR
A __ of Two Cities 4 letters TALE
Little drinks 4 letters SIPS
Opposite of impudent 10 letters RESPECTFUL
File drawer perhaps 3 letters CDE
Fancy vases 4 letters URNS
Couldn’t stand 5 letters HATED
Famous 5 letters NOTED
Tampa Bay athlete for short 3 letters BUC
Real 6 letters ACTUAL
Evil 6 letters WICKED
Punctuation mark 5 letters SLASH
Taken __; surprised 5 letters ABACK
Large container 3 letters VAT
Family tree member 4 letters AUNT
Pares apples 5 letters SKINS
City near Lake Tahoe 4 letters RENO
Weakest Link network 3 letters NBC
Backbone 5 letters SPINE
Chop finely 5 letters MINCE
Sailor 6 letters SEAMAN
Endured 6 letters LASTED
Auto fuel 3 letters GAS
Three-line poem 5 letters HAIKU
Common viper 5 letters ADDER
Do a cattleman’s job 4 letters HERD
Many moons __; way back 3 letters AGO
Moseying 10 letters SAUNTERING
Singer Campbell 4 letters GLEN
Shoelace problem 4 letters KNOT
Vivian __ of I Love Lucy 5 letters VANCE
Sir Guinness 4 letters ALEC
Talk back 4 letters SASS
Go into 5 letters ENTER
Sesame Street viewer 4 letters TYKE
Madison’s place: abbr. 4 letters WISC
Surrounded by 4 letters AMID
Contrition 10 letters REPENTANCE
Rainier & Rushmore: abbr. 3 letters MTS
Trash can 6 letters BARREL
Revise for the better 5 letters AMEND
Bereavement 4 letters LOSS
Have dinner 3 letters SUP
You __ what you eat 3 letters ARE
Assault 6 letters ATTACK
Pool float 4 letters RAFT
Classic board game 4 letters CLUE
__ up; delayed 4 letters HELD
Schumer or Barris 5 letters CHUCK
Colorado’s neighbor 4 letters UTAH
Kick out of office 4 letters OUST
Many pens 4 letters BICS
As strong __ ox 4 letters ASAN
Black suit 5 letters CLUBS
Subside 4 letters WANE
At the end of the day 10 letters EVENTUALLY
Tango or twist 5 letters DANCE
Related 4 letters AKIN
Canister 3 letters BIN
Three-__ sloth 4 letters TOED
Hot tubs 4 letters SPAS
Peril 4 letters RISK
Intelligent 5 letters SMART
Housekeeper 4 letters MAID
Representatives 6 letters AGENTS
Bigger 6 letters LARGER
Therefore 5 letters HENCE
__ for; requests 4 letters ASKS
Plato for one 4 letters DANA
Twosomes 4 letters DUOS
Helpful clue 4 letters HINT
Nerd 4 letters GEEK
In the past 4 letters ONCE
12/24 for one 3 letters EVE
Skedaddled 3 letters RAN
Gangster’s gun 3 letters GAT


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