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Metro Crossword November 18 2022 Answers

Metro Crossword November 18 2022 Answers:

Bird that can’t fly 3 letters EMU
Beeper 5 letters PAGER
Repulsive 4 letters ICKY
Sharp tools 4 letters AXES
Bar soap brand 5 letters IVORY
Nary a one 4 letters NONE
Created 4 letters MADE
Proofreader’s change 10 letters CORRECTION
Bordeaux buddy 3 letters AMI
Blue __; Irving Berlin song 5 letters SKIES
Flat floats 5 letters RAFTS
Flirted with 5 letters OGLED
Gunfighter Holliday 3 letters DOC
Deodorant brand 6 letters SECRET
Trusted counselor 6 letters MENTOR
Rowed 5 letters OARED
Nonsense 5 letters HOOEY
Large tub 3 letters VAT
Ship’s jail 4 letters BRIG
Male voice 5 letters TENOR
Quail flock 4 letters BEVY
Beautician’s offering 3 letters SET
Takes risks 5 letters DARES
Traffic stopper 5 letters SIREN
Bundle of energy 6 letters DYNAMO
Agree out of court 6 letters SETTLE
Grand __ Opry 3 letters OLE
Squirrel away 5 letters STASH
Small fruit 5 letters OLIVE
Valet’s employer 5 letters HOTEL
Record speed letters 3 letters RPM
Be an early indication of 10 letters FORESHADOW
Rude dude 4 letters BOOR
Buffoon 4 letters FOOL
Do penance 5 letters ATONE
Night __; those up late 4 letters OWLS
Sothern & Blyth 4 letters ANNS
Tear into bits 5 letters SHRED
Pose a question 3 letters ASK
Student’s ordeal 4 letters EXAM
Lack of anything exceptional 10 letters MEDIOCRITY
It’s no __; cry of despair 3 letters USE
Fence stake 6 letters PICKET
Sidestep 5 letters AVOID
Bush’s 2000 opponent 4 letters GORE
Is inaccurate 4 letters ERRS
Bread for a Reuben 3 letters RYE
Still in one piece 6 letters INTACT
Hairdo 4 letters COIF
Each bit of macrame 4 letters KNOT
Cravings 4 letters YENS
I __ Rock; 1966 song 3 letters AMA
Close friend 5 letters CRONY
Toboggan 4 letters SLED
TV’s Dharma & __ 4 letters GREG
Venison source 4 letters DEER
Weeps 4 letters SOBS
Dog-__; like worn book pages 5 letters EARED
Cattle calls 4 letters MOOS
Brings down as a regime 10 letters OVERTHROWS
Come apart as a piece of yarn 5 letters RAVEL
Subway sandwich 4 letters HERO
Afternoon hour 3 letters ONE
Actress Daly 4 letters TYNE
Make gentle 4 letters TAME
Tiny pieces 4 letters BITS
Robertson & Evans 5 letters DALES
Barking animal 4 letters SEAL
Moby-DickĂŠ& Jane Eyre 6 letters NOVELS
Brooded 6 letters STEWED
Pellet 5 letters STONE
Give __ smell; reek 4 letters OFFA
Diving bird 4 letters LOON
Remove wrinkles 4 letters IRON
Hell __ no fury like a woman scorned 4 letters HATH
Nose’s detection 4 letters ODOR
Pres. James K. __ 4 letters POLK
Sra. or Mme. 3 letters MRS
__-been; one no longer popular 3 letters HAS
Feathery scarf 3 letters BOA

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