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NetWord Crossword Answers November 12, 2022

Author: by Steve Mossberg


One making long-distance calls SPACECRAFT
Swiss partner HAM
Large racket HULLABALOO
Twenty-seven connection FOUR
What ranch houses typically haven’t UPPERSTORY
Heads up RUNS
Sounding stuffy NASAL
Pushing the most EDGIEST
Città che circonda il Vaticano ROMA
Coherence SENSE
Prime minister after Brian KIM
Agricultural block BALE
Gung-ho RAHRAH
Group taking in imports ANIMECLUB
Mystic’s reading material AURA
Time best forgotten ANNUSHORRIBILIS
Writing on jackets BIOS
Of the above AERIAL
Quick sketch SKIT
Go with SEE
What bassoon music begins with FCLEF
Mozzarella alternative for lasagna EDAM
They’re assumed by many novelists ALIASES
What a seminarian may become RABBI
Publisher of two Water Polo newsletters NCAA
National litter cleanup program ADOPTAROAD
Nothing exciting YAWN
Largest break in the California Coastal Range GOLDENGATE
What can precede giving or taking MIS
Requiring conserving ENDANGERED


Go around SHUN
One no longer crawling PUPA
Where the Rhine rises ALPS
Some external adipose tissue EARLOBES
It began as United Independent Broadcasters (1927) CBS
Dock denizen RAT
Yucca cousin ALOE
Wades through FORDS
Type of tabby TOYGER
Play adaptations HOUSERULES
Familial female AUNT
Clue card designation MRS
What you might take a walk to get FRESHAIR
__ minute INA
Eminent shock-wave studier MACH
Appropriate ALLOT
Hajji’s destination KAABA
Depression on a trunk INNIE
Chips or scratches MINORFLAWS
You can buy them for about a buck EUROS
Stop lying ARISE
Precipitation HASTE
Person paid to play MUSICIAN
Shared first BROKE
Disclaiming postscript IKID
Clooney threw it in a ’97 film BATARANG
Culinary go-between ALA
French writer of “Facts are stubborn things” LESAGE
Consumed FEDON
Alternative to Peggy MARGE
Three-syllable fruit ACAI
Totally in SOLD
Male mink BOAR
Restrain BATE
Picked out IDED
Division sharer with ATL and PHI NYM
Cell ancestor PDA
Top __ TEN


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