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NetWord Crossword Answers November 12, 2022

Author: by Steve Mossberg


One making long-distance callsSPACECRAFT
Swiss partnerHAM
Large racketHULLABALOO
Twenty-seven connectionFOUR
What ranch houses typically haven’tUPPERSTORY
Heads upRUNS
Sounding stuffyNASAL
Pushing the mostEDGIEST
Città che circonda il VaticanoROMA
Prime minister after BrianKIM
Agricultural blockBALE
Group taking in importsANIMECLUB
Mystic’s reading materialAURA
Time best forgottenANNUSHORRIBILIS
Writing on jacketsBIOS
Of the aboveAERIAL
Quick sketchSKIT
Go withSEE
What bassoon music begins withFCLEF
Mozzarella alternative for lasagnaEDAM
They’re assumed by many novelistsALIASES
What a seminarian may becomeRABBI
Publisher of two Water Polo newslettersNCAA
National litter cleanup programADOPTAROAD
Nothing excitingYAWN
Largest break in the California Coastal RangeGOLDENGATE
What can precede giving or takingMIS
Requiring conservingENDANGERED


Go aroundSHUN
One no longer crawlingPUPA
Where the Rhine risesALPS
Some external adipose tissueEARLOBES
It began as United Independent Broadcasters (1927)CBS
Dock denizenRAT
Yucca cousinALOE
Wades throughFORDS
Type of tabbyTOYGER
Play adaptationsHOUSERULES
Familial femaleAUNT
Clue card designationMRS
What you might take a walk to getFRESHAIR
__ minuteINA
Eminent shock-wave studierMACH
Hajji’s destinationKAABA
Depression on a trunkINNIE
Chips or scratchesMINORFLAWS
You can buy them for about a buckEUROS
Stop lyingARISE
Person paid to playMUSICIAN
Shared firstBROKE
Disclaiming postscriptIKID
Clooney threw it in a ’97 filmBATARANG
Culinary go-betweenALA
French writer of “Facts are stubborn things”LESAGE
Alternative to PeggyMARGE
Three-syllable fruitACAI
Totally inSOLD
Male minkBOAR
Picked outIDED
Division sharer with ATL and PHINYM
Cell ancestorPDA
Top __TEN


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