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New York Times – Nov 19 2022 Crossword Answers

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‘Alas!’ OHME
‘Ask away!’ OKSHOOT
‘Casablanca’ role ILSA
‘If u ask me …’ IMO
‘Rumor has it …’ THEYSAY
11/11 or 12/12, but not 13/13 DATE
Actress Tyler LIV
Albert with a Nobel Prize CAMUS
Beady-eyed and sneaky RATLIKE
Birds that rarely swim, despite having webbed feet TERNS
Bklyn. ___ (part of N.Y.C.) HTS
British ___ ISLES
Carry the day WIN
Chicken (out) WIMP
Couplet DYAD
Deal preceder ANTE
Does some yard work SODS
Early role for Britney Spears and Justin Timberlake MOUSEKETEER
Erroneous answer to ‘What are the odds?’ EVENS
Fed on the sly? NARC
Flutter BAT
French 101 verb ETRE
Frozen food brand OREIDA
Grenade, in gaming lingo FRAG
Half of a Polynesian locale BORA
Help settle MEDIATE
Impetus DRIVER
Isn’t able to control the outcome of one’s actions CREATESAMONSTER
It provides more coverage than a tank TEE
It’s sometimes weather-related SMALLTALK
Khaki TAN
Knocks over AWES
Kumail Nanjiani’s role on ‘Silicon Valley’ DINESH
Like a charm MAGICAL
Loses it GOESMAD
Made hay? BALED
Missing SANS
Moves from 9 to 5, say DIALSITBACK
Much of ‘Deck the Halls’ LAS
Neighbor of Turk SYR
Not just think KNOW
Paleo, e.g DIETFAD
Place of honor DAIS
Popular companion bird MACAW
Preceder of word or sense INA
Pride : lions :: ___ : badgers CETE
Psalm possessive THY
Question asked without reservation? ISTHISSEATTAKEN
Quirky old fellas GEEZERS
Remote power sources, maybe AAS
Ristorante suffix INI
Salmon variety SOCKEYE
Savoring a solitary walk through the woods, say ATONEWITHNATURE
Shade of brown paint OTTER
Show up in labor? OUTWORK
Sigmatism LISP
Studies DENS
The Bastille and the Tower of London, historically PRISONS
Tofu, for instance MEATALTERNATIVE
Transportation in a Duke Ellington classic ATRAIN
Tupperware stock LIDS
Venue with highlights and replays ESPNEWS
Website with a Craft Supplies section ETSY
Whirling toon, familiarly TAZ
Whitish MILKY

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