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Newsday Crossword November 14 2022 Answers

Newsday Crossword November 14 2022 Answers

International treaty 4 Letters PACT
__ down (massage) 3 Letters RUB
Days of __ (ancient times) 4 Letters YORE
Comrade in battle 4 Letters ALLY
Gorilla or chimp 3 Letters APE
Just slightly 4 Letters ABIT
Minestrone or chicken noodle 4 Letters SOUP
Pay-__-view movie 3 Letters PER
Pepsi or Coke 4 Letters COLA
What a driver grips 13 Letters STEERINGWHEEL
Calculate a sum 3 Letters ADD
__ about time! 3 Letters ITS
Tolkien creature like Frodo 6 Letters HOBBIT
Thats correct 3 Letters YES
Toy that spins 3 Letters TOP
So all can hear 5 Letters ALOUD
Actual 4 Letters REAL
Largest of the Three Bears 4 Letters PAPA
Drivers rain-clearing blade 15 Letters WINDSHIELDWIPER
Days before holidays 4 Letters EVES
Ireland or Oahu 4 Letters ISLE
Paying careful attention 5 Letters ALTER
__ Moines IA 3 Letters DES
Liquid in a ballpoint 3 Letters INK
24-hour period 6 Letters ONEDAY
Perform in a play 3 Letters ACT
Wood-cutting tool 3 Letters SAW
Drivers constant-speed device 13 Letters CRUISECONTROL
Path to bowl on 4 Letters LANE
Local tavern 3 Letters BAR
Theres no place like __ 4 Letters HOME
__ and crafts 4 Letters ARTS
Crunchy sandwich for short 3 Letters BLT
Last word of a prayer 4 Letters AMEN
Annoying sort 4 Letters PEST
The Caribbean for one 3 Letters SEA
Jack and Jill __ up . . . 4 Letters WENT
Football throw 4 Letters PASS
Very often 4 Letters ALOT
Piece of whodunit evidence 4 Letters CLUE
Work at a keyboard 4 Letters TYPE
Quick 5 Letters RAPID
Topple over 5 Letters UPEND
Arctic frozen hazard for short 4 Letters BERG
Luxurious boats 6 Letters YACHTS
Woodwind instruments 5 Letters OBOES
Make angry 4 Letters RILE
And others: Abbr. 4 Letters ETAL
Maze-running rodent 3 Letters RAT
Exert as power 5 Letters WIELD
Hemmed and __ (couldnt decide) 5 Letters HAWED
Small fruit in Greek salads 5 Letters OLIVE
Dog biscuit shapes 5 Letters BONES
Blossoms that havent opened yet 4 Letters BUDS
Passports and dog tags for short 3 Letters IDS
Connecticut Ivy League school 4 Letters YALE
Repaired as a torn sheet 5 Letters TAPED
Musical drama with sopranos 5 Letters OPERA
Birthday celebration 5 Letters PARTY
Jeopardize 4 Letters RISK
Electric fish 3 Letters EEL
Heap of rocks 4 Letters PILE
Solving aids 5 Letters HINTS
Looking pale 3 Letters WAN
Most frosty 6 Letters ICIEST
Possess 3 Letters OWN
Moms sisters to you 5 Letters AUNTS
Weighing machine 5 Letters SCALE
Large blood vessel 5 Letters AORTA
Applaud 4 Letters CLAP
Very uncommon 4 Letters RARE
Recedes as the tide 4 Letters EBBS
Start to melt 4 Letters THAW
Capital of Italy 4 Letters ROME
Prophetic sign 4 Letters OMEN
Period before Easter 4 Letters LENT


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