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Newsday Crossword November 9 2022 Answer List

Newsday Crossword November 9 2022 Answers

Grocery sacks 4 Letters BAGS
Voice below soprano 4 Letters ALTO
Sports squads 5 Letters TEAMS
Cream-filled cookie 4 Letters OREO
Sidewalks edge 4 Letters CURB
Short summary 5 Letters RECAP
Make airtight 4 Letters SEAL
Quartet minus one 4 Letters TRIO
Indoor sports venue 5 Letters ARENA
Heart-healthy gym routines 15 Letters CARDIOEXERCISES
AMA members 3 Letters DRS
Chowed down 3 Letters ATE
Coconut Girl Scout cookies 6 Letters SAMOAS
Annoys 4 Letters IRKS
Castaways dwelling 3 Letters HUT
Piece of fabric 5 Letters CLOTH
Genealogy diagram 4 Letters TREE
Sheet of glass 4 Letters PANE
Satellite music programs 15 Letters RADIOBROADCASTS
Iowa State University city 4 Letters AMES
Watermelon covering 4 Letters RIND
Bandleaders signal to play 5 Letters HITIT
Office seeker for short 3 Letters POL
Drains of energy 4 Letters SAPS
Hardly ever 6 Letters RARELY
Off-road auto for short 3 Letters ATV
Sounds of satisfaction 3 Letters AHS
Participants in live TV shows 15 Letters STUDIOAUDIENCES
Place for a boutonniere 5 Letters LAPEL
High-fiber cereal 4 Letters BRAN
Money in Spain 4 Letters EURO
Take in a shelter dog 5 Letters ADOPT
Frozen waffle brand 4 Letters EGGO
Jockeys strap 4 Letters REIN
Would like to have 5 Letters WANTS
Catches sight of 4 Letters SEES
Praiseful poems 4 Letters ODES
Variety of pear 4 Letters BOSC
Vicinity 4 Letters AREA
Auto transmission selection 4 Letters GEAR
Got money for 4 Letters SOLD
Cast members 6 Letters ACTORS
Entices 5 Letters LURES
Longtime cereal for kids 4 Letters TRIX
Woodwind instrument 4 Letters OBOE
Land parcels 6 Letters TRACTS
Spooky 5 Letters EERIE
Top poker cards 4 Letters ACES
Lions hair 4 Letters MANE
Relaxing resorts 4 Letters SPAS
Potato state 5 Letters IDAHO
Gathered leaves 5 Letters RAKED
Paper fragment 5 Letters SCRAP
San Antonio landmark 5 Letters ALAMO
Fashion-show strutter 5 Letters MODEL
Big name in elevator history 4 Letters OTIS
Golf clubs that arent woods 5 Letters IRONS
Enjoy a book 4 Letters READ
Reckless speed 5 Letters HASTE
No later than 5 Letters UNTIL
In a bad mood 5 Letters TESTY
Stumble while walking 4 Letters TRIP
Twosome 4 Letters PAIR
Operagoers Well done! 5 Letters BRAVO
Run after 5 Letters CHASE
Clowns walking props 6 Letters STILTS
Nose-horned African beasts 6 Letters RHINOS
Expert (at) 5 Letters ADEPT
Traditional maxim 5 Letters ADAGE
Shredded cabbage 4 Letters SLAW
And here it is! 4 Letters TADA
Once __ a time 4 Letters UPON
$5 bills informally 4 Letters ABES
Push for 4 Letters URGE
Infamous Roman emperor 4 Letters NERO
Given a signal on stage 4 Letters CUED
A Great Lake 4 Letters ERIE
Boys in the family 4 Letters SONS


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