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Premier Sunday – King Feature Syndicate – Mar 26 2023 Crossword

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“Make Room for Daddy” actor Rusty HAMER
“There’s this fellow who might be able to help you” IKNOWAGUY
14th-century Russian ruler IVANI
2017-21 Treasury Secretary Steven MNUCHIN
A pair plus one THREE
Actress Tea LEONI
Actress Thompson of “Selma” TESSA
Adept public performer ARTISTE
Almondy Italian liqueur AMARETTO
Ammonia derivative AMIDE
Angola’s Isabel dos __ SANTOS
Audio equipment technician RECORDIST
Avaricious sort MONEYLOVER
Away from the office, say NOTIN
Bandleader Louis PRIMA
Boats’ backs STERNS
Body of water east of Dublin IRISHSEA
Breathe out EXHALE
Breeze-filled WINDY
British bye-byes TATAS
Canadian $2 coin TOONIE
Capital of Lebanon BEIRUT
Carried, as a burden BORNE
Casual top TEESHIRT
Chops up HACKS
City in central Minnesota STCLOUD
CNN journalist Jim ACOSTA
Coalition ALLIANCE
Comment after a potential insult NOOFFENSE
Computer-aided extraction of information DATAMINING
Def. pact of 1954-77 SEATO
Deuce-beating cards TREYS
End in __ (finish even) ADRAW
Engender SPAWN
Exam do-over RETEST
Fails to see MISSES
Fan of ’40s jazz BOPPER
Figure skater Slutskaya IRINA
Firefly, e.g BEETLE
Flicks like “Moonstruck” and “Pretty Woman” ROMCOMS
Front section FOREPART
Girl in Wonderland ALICE
Handle, as a matter ATTENDTO
Handles deftly FINESSES
Harvests REAPS
Have a link (with) TIEIN
Herman or Lily of old TV MUNSTER
I and everyone else present ALLOFUS
Impelled URGED
Jerry Stiller’s partner ANNEMEARA
Jimmy of “NYPD Blue” SMITS
Judges, during cases TRIERS
Kagan of the court ELENA
Knife in old infomercials GINSU
Landlord’s log RENTROLL
Last part of some play acts SCENEV
Legislate ENACT
Less sinful PURER
Like a fleeing fugitive ONTHELAM
Like consumed food EATEN
Like some telemarketing headsets ONEEAR
Like sticky weather HUMID
Longtime brand of toasted cereal WHEATENA
Looked over carefully PERUSED
Looked through narrowly PEEREDINTO
Loss due to carelessness WASTAGE
Lower arm bones ULNAS
Macramé workers, e.g KNOTTERS
Make fun of RIDICULE
Makes agitated PERTURBS
Modus __ (method) OPERANDI
Most stale-smelling MUSTIEST
Most vigorous HARDIEST
Mother, in Mexico MADRE
Not going off topic ONPOINT
Of speech sounds PHONIC
One end of a battery ANODE
People with unhappy faces FROWNERS
Place for wedding vows ALTAR
Poetry Muse ERATO
Prefix with indicate or bassoon CONTRA
Protrude BULGE
Puts in place SITUATES
Quack medicines NOSTRUMS
Relatives of pianos CELESTAS
Renunciation DENIAL
Resolve SETTLE
Rough-textured COARSE
Sanctified, old-style BLEST
Sanctuary SAFEAREA
Seller of goods to customers RETAILER
Set at ease REASSURE
Set back, as an alcove RECESSED
Shrouded in mystery ESOTERIC
Singer Helen REDDY
Soft hue PASTEL
Some weight-watchers DIETERS
Sounded like a kitten MEWED
Soundproof chambers in TV studios, e.g ISOLATORS
Sounds like a bonfire CRACKLES
Stingy sort MISER
Tel Aviv locale ISRAEL
Tequila brand with a bull logo ELTORO
To a greater degree MORESO
Totally quiet DEADSILENT
Travel from Kansas to Utah, e.g HEADWEST
Uncaps, e.g OPENS
University locales CAMPUSES
Vehicle pulled by yoked animals OXCART
What a week consists of SEVENDAYS
Wild animals BEASTS
Writer Hemingway ERNEST
Zora __ Hurston NEALE


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