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Star Tribune Answers November 25, 2023

Author: Boatload Puzzles


Hero shop Deli
Solemn Staid
Royal address Sire
Small songbird Wren
Not these Those
Like the Sahara Arid
Memorable periods Eras
British noblemen Earls
Better half Mate
Missing Lost
Mideast bread Pita
Actress ____ Sarandon Susan
Forest growths Trees
Wrath Anger
Summit Acme
Idealist Dreamer
Latest Tardiest
Baltimore athlete Oriole
Brewery product Ale
Put back to zero Reset
Bullring cry Ole
Despise Loathe
Fatherly Paternal
Spookiest Eeriest
Actor’s desire Role
Ceremonies Rites
Endures Lasts
Cloudless Clear
Singer Diana ____ Ross
Karate blow Chop
Heavy burden Load
Letter before epsilon Delta
Accept Take
43,560 square feet Acre
Thai, e.g. Asian
Harbinger Omen
Puts on Dons
Emblem Badge
Pull apart Rend


Lived Dwelt
Baseball blunder Error
Rental agreement Lease
As an alternative Instead
Pace Step
Asian language Thai
Heart artery Aorta
“Gilligan’s ____” Island
____ Plaines Des
Japanese warrior Samurai
Retirement accounts (abbr.) Iras
Actress ____ Hayworth Rita
Paradise Eden
Clairvoyant one Seer
School subj. Sci
Cavern Grotto
Least Merest
Compass pt. Ese
Earth’s satellite Moon
She, in Barcelona Ella
Spool Reel
Story Tale
Burn balm Aloe
Bring up Rear
1/3 TBSP Tsp
Corn serving Ear
Ranting speeches Tirades
Will beneficiary Heir
House annex Ell
Nuclear ____ Reactor
Mother ____ Teresa
Compact Solid
Dishonor Shame
Keepsake Token
Pay out Spend
Attired Clad
Loony Loco
Merit Earn
Bachelor party Stag
Of sound mind Sane
Dollop Dab


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