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Star Tribune Crossword Answers November 07, 2022

Author: Boatload Puzzles


Shade sources Elms
Decrease Abate
Poke Prod
Radio tuner Dial
Shoestrings Laces
Casino city Reno
Unintelligible Incoherent
Other Else
Wobbled Teetered
Simpler Easier
Slap Hit
Puts up Erects
Animal’s foot Paw
Peruse Read
Hr. part Min
Operator User
Soil Dirt
Undress Strip
Lease again Relet
Zodiac sign Leo
Escape Elude
Designer ____ Lauren Ralph
Epic Saga
Bellow Yell
Metallic rock Ore
Marina sight Mast
Clique Set
Throws Tosses
Corn holder Cob
Deletes Erases
Noble-mindedness Idealism
Skilled Able
Participant count Attendance
Hit-or-____ Miss
Give way Yield
Beat it! Scat
Amtrak depots (abbr.) Stas
Large trucks Semis
Sunbathes Tans


Rework proofs Edit
Queue Line
Aromatic spice Mace
Laziness Sloth
Warned Alerted
Expose Bare
Scored on serve Aced
Knockout count Ten
Self-____ Esteem
Soon Presently
Ancient object Relic
Start Onset
Go-getters Doers
Inheritor Heir
Ascend Arise
Feline sound Purr
On an ocean trip Asea
Healthy Well
Is unwell Ails
Nighttime vision Dream
Take back Repossess
Dress for Caesar Toga
Regrets Rues
Not working Idle
Animal skin Pelt
Trio number Three
Goes up Ascends
School compositions Essays
Warty amphibian Toad
Sport groups Teams
Moon’s path Orbit
Chip dip Salsa
Explosion Blast
News story Item
Sandwich shop Deli
Machu Picchu native Inca
Read a bar code Scan
Shea players Mets
Gift for Dad Tie


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