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Star Tribune Crossword Answers November 10, 2022

Author: Boatload Puzzles


Graceful trees Elms
Goad Spur
Pierces Stabs
Cowboy’s shoe Boot
Not hard Easy
____ wave Tidal
Surrounded Encircled
Clear the blackboard Erase
Microwave again Reheat
Restored the honor of Redeemed
Rubbish Trash
Tear Rip
Undermines Saps
Continuing story Serial
Songstress ____ McEntire Reba
Intense rage Ire
Right away Pronto
Bullring cries Oles
Cowboys’ contest Rodeo
Highlander Scot
In dreamland Asleep
14th letters Ens
Thanksgiving dish Yams
Franklin ____ Roosevelt Delano
Coral formation Reef
Make an effort Try
Iridescent gems Opals
____ surgery (face lift, e.g.) Cosmetic
Biblical mount Ararat
Detest Abhor
Conducting contact Electrode
Roger ____ (007 actor) Moore
Entice Lure
____ of Man Isle
Basted Sewed
____ Sea Scrolls Dead
Soothsayer Seer


Film critic Roger ____ Ebert
Hermit Loner
Coffee variety Mocha
Pigs’ homes Sties
Church group Sect
Chum Pal
Customer User
Actress Winona ____ Ryder
More sharply inclined Steeper
Fatigue Tire
Genesis man Adam
Army post Base
Winter coaster Sled
Football cheers Rahs
____ of (throw out) Dispose
Where planes land Airport
Ace Pro
Passover meal Seder
Pink Rosy
Peruvian native Inca
Molecule part Atom
Many Lots
Street Road
Additional Else
Gong Bell
Between continents Asea
Compass point (abbr.) Ene
Came in Entered
Military base Fort
Produce Yield
France’s capital Paris
Got up Arose
Soup dipper Ladle
Direct Steer
Picture takers, for short Cams
Musical instrument Oboe
Exhibit Show
Greater More
Sherlock’s find Clue
Passed effortlessly Aced
Pitcher’s stat Era


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