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Star Tribune Crossword Answers November 13, 2022

Author: Boatload Puzzles


Songstress ____ Turner Tina
Piano part Pedal
All-male party Stag
Wallet fillers Ones
Marry secretly Elope
Columbus’s state Ohio
Summer coolers Ades
Entreaties Pleas
Three squared Nine
One-____ (biased) Sided
Circle segments Arcs
Humanities Arts
Sips Tastes
Stash Hoard
Decreases Lessens
London’s Big ____ Ben
Smallest Teeniest
Window blind Shade
____ model Role
Lowest tides Neaps
Yachting Asea
Join Unite
Slum building Tenement
Hazardous curve Ess
High military rank General
Without company Alone
Neptune, e.g. Planet
Musician ____ McEntire Reba
Not shallow Deep
Weighing instrument Scale
Native metals Ores
____ out (narrowly defeated) Edged
Floor piece Tile
Poses Sits
Aquatic plants Algae
Steady Even
Mimic Echo
Relaxes Rests
Lions’ lairs Dens


French ____ Toast
Gandhi’s nation India
Requires Needs
Plus Asset
Zest Pep
Jazz singer ____ Fitzgerald Ella
Go-getter Doer
Geronimo, e.g. Apache
School assignment Lesson
Radar’s kin Sonar
Baseball position Thirdbase
Isn’t, incorrectly Aint
Leaves Goes
Food shop Deli
Spotted Seen
Mule’s kin Ass
Opposite of NNW Sse
Iowa or Ohio State
Biblical garden Eden
Tidy Neat
Not false True
Ages and ages Eons
Actress ____ Taylor Elisabeth
Butterfly snare Net
Deli meat Ham
Part of MPH Per
Break suddenly Snap
Conceit Ego
Building wings Ells
Make beloved Endear
Sewing tool Needle
Rodeo rope Lasso
Performed Acted
Unsophisticated Naive
Actress ____ DeGeneres Ellen
Young people Teens
Thorny bloom Rose
Rock’s ____ Clapton Eric
Omelet ingredients Eggs
Bog product Peat
____ Moines Des


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