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Star Tribune Crossword Answers November 17, 2022

Author: Boatload Puzzles


Spigots Taps
Seasons Salts
Short race Dash
____ Fitzgerald Ella
Bird sound Tweet
Pain Ache
Christmas word Noel
Change Alteration
Bangkok natives Thais
Ranting speeches Tirades
Common contraction Hasnt
Short distances Steps
____ Bunny Easter
Chicago’s airport Ohare
Sixth sense (abbr.) Esp
Swamp plant Reed
Hidden gunman Sniper
Astonishes Awes
____ acid (protein component) Amino
Sandwich store Deli
Scoundrel Rascal
Greasy Oily
Kind of bread Rye
Ruin Spoil
Ice-cream treat Sundae
Migratory birds Geese
Papas’ partners Mamas
Side by side Abreast
Boutique Store
____ agent (2 wds.) Realestate
Flat Even
Send a letter Mail
Senior Elder
Melon peel Rind
Works on a tan Suns
Hebrew feast Seder
Large bodies of water Seas


First extra inning Tenth
Luau greeting Aloha
Appeals Pleas
Briny Saline
RR stop Sta
Carpenter’s tool Awl
Rent Let
Wobble Teeter
Disrobe Strip
Computer output Data
Corrosive substance Acid
Footwear Shoe
Egg layers Hens
Fiery felony Arson
Headliner Star
Plant stalk Stem
Tiresome Tedious
Close tightly Seal
Concealed Hid
Impersonator Aper
Bank (on) Rely
Pennsylvania city Erie
Hearing organs Ears
Barter Swap
Mexican coin Peso
Peddled Sold
Biol., e.g. Sci
Innings number Nine
Water plants Algae
Sweet potatoes Yams
Decide Settle
Diners Eaters
Road curves Esses
“Star Wars”, e.g. Movie
Stadium Arena
Transmits Sends
Munitions Arms
Boyfriend Beau
Downpour Rain
House additions Ells
Total Add
Golf device Tee
Go wrong Err


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