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Star Tribune Crossword Answers November 18, 2022

Author: Boatload Puzzles


And Also
Move slightly Stir
More rational Saner
Quartet count Four
Acting award Tony
Wear down Erode
Forfeited the throne Abdicated
Dressed to the ____ Nines
Vacation spot Resort
Dweller Resident
Baseball’s ____ Gehrig Lou
Group of three Trio
Dozing one Sleeper
Cavern Grotto
Assist Aid
“____ sesame!” Open
Univ. employee Prof
Pesters Nags
Track shapes Ovals
Color Tint
Difficult journey Trek
Narrate Tell
Quilting event Bee
Lend a hand Assist
Opposite of western Eastern
Netting Mesh
Health resort Spa
Classical composition Concerto
Cuban leader Castro
Nebraska metropolis Omaha
____ span Attention
Kitchen gadget Timer
Has-____ Been
In addition Else
Hearty soups Stews
Bed board Slat
Perceives Sees


Not nearby Afar
Earring site Lobe
Foam Suds
Baltimore bird Oriole
____ of Liberty Statue
Small child Tot
Not active Inert
Winona ____ of “Little Women” Ryder
____ citizen Senior
Desertlike Arid
Zero None
Eve’s home Eden
Relax Rest
Farmer’s yield Crop
Indications Signs
Mr. Claus Santa
Untruthful ones Liars
Margins Edges
Wander Rove
Make a choice Opt
Indian group Tribe
Copier’s need Toner
Frequently Often
Crony Pal
Model ____ Macpherson Elle
Go downhill Ski
Furry swimmer Otter
Smudges Smears
Mountaineer’s climb Ascent
Reach across Span
Samples food Tastes
Pierces Stabs
Traveler’s stopover Hotel
Folding beds Cots
Fail to include Omit
Moniker Name
Enjoy gum Chew
Ceramic piece Tile
Stood up Rose
Washington bills Ones
Oolong, e.g. Tea

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