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Star Tribune Crossword Answers November 21, 2022

Author: Boatload Puzzles


Challenge Dare
Mixed greens Salad
Jog Trot
Frozen Iced
Investigate Probe
“____ Window” Rear
Glitch Snag
Bride’s walkway Aisle
Farm unit Acre
Engaged in festivities Celebrated
School table Desk
Donkey Ass
Salesperson, briefly Rep
Respect Admire
Fraudulent scheme Scam
Tiny child Tot
Mob scenes Riots
School friend Classmate
Horse’s hair Mane
Walk heavily Tromp
Long (for) Ache
Count Enumerate
Actress ____ Burstyn Ellen
HST’s party Dem
Workout spots Gyms
Modifies Alters
School subj. Eng
House addition Ell
Leonardo’s “____ Lisa” Mona
Lizardlike amphibian Salamander
Picnic nuisances Ants
Friend (Sp.) Amigo
Well-ventilated Airy
EMT’s word Stat
Staggers Reels
Soft cheese Brie
Sanctified Holy
Map detail Inset
Observes Sees


Phonograph record Disc
Teen’s woe Acne
Not imagined Real
Advantage Edge
Scanty Sparse
Opera tunes Arias
Misplaced Lost
Skillful Able
Exploit Deed
Vocation Trade
Power outlet Receptacle
Rowing needs Oars
“Star ____” Trek
Taverns Bars
Hotel units (abbr.) Rms
Carrying a weapon Armed
Actress ____ Keaton Diane
Impressively large Monumental
Article Item
Notches Slots
Showed up Came
Nile viper Asp
Additional Other
Adolescents Teens
Study hard Cram
Beer grain Malt
Make an attempt Try
Omelet ingredient Egg
“____ Enchanted” (movie) Ella
Not quite Almost
Mean Nasty
National bird Eagle
Crush Mash
Atop Onto
Calcutta dress Sari
Prayer finale Amen
Fibs Lies
Catches Nabs
Urgent Dire
Famous canal Erie
Hearty breads Ryes

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