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Star Tribune Crossword March 30, 2023

Author: Boatload Puzzles


Pipe parts Stems
Heroic Epic
Sharp blows Raps
Expect Await
Female voice Alto
Mexican water Agua
Must, slangily Gotta
Actor ____ Penn Sean
Coastal bird Tern
Most important Essential
Principle Tenet
Noise Din
Summer drink (2 wds.) Icedtea
Sample Demo
Save Rescue
Golf club Iron
Telepathy (abbr.) Esp
Complete Entire
Greased Oiled
Min. part Sec
Alpine call Yodel
What Moses parted (2 wds.) Redsea
Roker and Pacino Als
Genuine Real
Hi-fi Stereo
California wine valley Napa
Juneau native Alaskan
Radio spots Ads
Leases Rents
Maryland’s capital Annapolis
Roof projection Eave
Musical instrument Oboe
Got out of bed Arose
Largest continent Asia
Pub offerings Ales
Postpone Table
Auction off Sell
Pause Rest
Snooze Sleep


Cooking herb Sage
Duos Twos
Has supper Eats
Tick’s kin Mite
Be upright Stand
Lack of difficulty Easiness
Urgent request Plea
Kind of type Italic
Pro and ____ Con
Appraised Rated
Contract negotiator Agent
Blender setting Puree
Yule visitor Santa
Become weary Tire
Quite little Teeny
Stage signal Cue
Couturier Christian ____ Dior
____ Canal Erie
Gelatin form Mold
Dollar bills Ones
Asparagus unit Spear
Shredded Torn
Bright thought Idea
Gather crops Reap
She, in Valencia Ella
Writing tables Desks
Most immaculate Cleanest
____ loss for words (2 wds.) Ata
Root beer, e.g. Soda
Make possible Enable
Zones Areas
Rent Lease
Blacksmith’s block Anvil
Swipe Steal
Minor quarrels Spats
Negatives Noes
____ hygiene Oral
Ear part Lobe
Emerald ____ Isle
Soak through Seep
Rowing implement Oar


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