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Star Tribune Crossword November 5 2022 Answers

Star Tribune Crossword November 5 2022 Answers:

Come __ come all! 3 letters ONE
Marsh 5 letters SWAMP
Close noisily 4 letters SLAM
No longer here 4 letters DEAD
Accelerator or brake 5 letters PEDAL
Comic actress Imogene 4 letters COCA
Lucie’s dad 4 letters DESI
Row of shrubs 5 letters HEDGE
Consumer 4 letters USER
Indigestion 9 letters DYSPEPSIA
Not as much 4 letters LESS
Cooper or Busey 4 letters GARY
Maple tree secretion 3 letters SAP
Resistant to infection 6 letters IMMUNE
Punishes 8 letters CHASTENS
Sleep disturber 5 letters NOISE
Ostracizes 5 letters SHUNS
__ Van Winkle 3 letters RIP
Clueless 4 letters LOST
Nursery purchase 5 letters PLANT
Music’s Lady __ 4 letters GAGA
Pub pint 3 letters ALE
Winter coating 5 letters FROST
Walk leisurely 5 letters MOSEY
Clothes closet 8 letters WARDROBE
Baffling questions 6 letters POSERS
Rip off 3 letters ROB
__ on; visit 4 letters CALL
__ Heartache; Bonnie Tyler song 4 letters ITSA
Auditorium’s sound quality 9 letters ACOUSTICS
Part of a house 4 letters ROOM
__ out; utter impulsively 5 letters BLURT
Musical symbol 4 letters NOTE
As easy as falling __ log 4 letters OFFA
Lariat 5 letters LASSO
Chew like a beaver 4 letters GNAW
Phooey! 4 letters NUTS
Word of welcome 5 letters ENTER
Place for an iris 3 letters EYE
Weird 3 letters ODD
In __ of; lacking 4 letters NEED
As __ as pie 4 letters EASY
Globe’s shape 6 letters SPHERE
Emotional 5 letters WEEPY
Inserts 4 letters ADDS
Biblical wise men 4 letters MAGI
Agreeable 8 letters PLEASANT
Carve 6 letters SCULPT
Suffer defeat 4 letters LOSE
Large spades 4 letters ACES
One of the planets 4 letters MARS
Repugnance 7 letters DISGUST
Window piece 4 letters PANE
Pack animal 3 letters ASS
Husband’s sibling 5 letters INLAW
Cash 5 letters MOOLA
Scrooge for one 5 letters MISER
Run after 5 letters CHASE
Seek prey 4 letters HUNT
Remove errors 5 letters ERASE
African nation 5 letters NIGER
Follows ASPCA advice 5 letters SPAYS
Neat freak’s opposite 4 letters SLOB
Likely 8 letters PROBABLE
Baby waterbird 7 letters GOSLING
To and __ 3 letters FRO
Shed feathers 4 letters MOLT
NCIS & Blue Bloods 6 letters DRAMAS
Parish leader 6 letters PASTOR
Use foul language 5 letters CURSE
Common metal 4 letters IRON
Bean curd 4 letters TOFU
__ as a baby’s bottom 4 letters SOFT
Hatfields or McCoys 4 letters CLAN
Remove from power 4 letters OUST
Dunce cap’s shape 4 letters CONE
Command to Fido 4 letters STAY
Lamb’s mother 3 letters EWE


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