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The Evening Standards Cryptic Crossword November 10 2022 Answers

The Evening Standards Cryptic Crossword November 10 2022 Answers:

Impulsive to dam up lid 6 letters MADCAP
As resorted to by Paul perhaps to get into the electricity company 8 letters ACAPULCO
Just the youngster to loaf around? 4 letters FOAL
Basic requirement of an office machine 6 letters STAPLE
Very keen to be on the arm of an astronaut 6 letters STRONG
Grave letters 3 letters RIP
Now there’s a piece of wood in the river 5 letters TODAY
Idolised animal? 4 letters LION
Again determined to make adjustment 5 letters RESET
Stripped down to the basic figure 5 letters BARED
Duel with a criminal 5 letters FENCE
They may be light but you can’t really raise them 4 letters RAYS
He’s no Goliath! 5 letters DAVID
River renamed by Alf? 3 letters FAL
Warnings that beer only comes by half quarts 6 letters ALERTS
Keep putting in at a different rate 6 letters RETAIN
Mythical creator of some foreboding 4 letters ODIN
A principle formulated by Ermintrude without hesitation 8 letters RUDIMENT
They may fly off at various angles 6 letters ANGELS
A little grub 6 letters MORSEL
Jaw about the work of a composer 6 letters CHOPIN
Delicate-looking friend an egghead 4 letters PALE
Observed to be leopard-like 7 letters SPOTTED
Such sports are no fun for some participants 5 letters BLOOD
Not pettish so much as animal loving 5 letters DOGGY
Much loved game 4 letters FARO
A record height? 3 letters ALP
Rubbish from Wrotham 3 letters ROT
Girl’s name for a French city 5 letters NANCY
Sit and fish 5 letters PERCH
One transaction that can’t be faulted 5 letters IDEAL
Competed in the grand prix 3 letters RAN
View from the bishop’s window 3 letters SEE
When to trot out a childish story 7 letters BEDTIME
Piece of driftwood floating around? 3 letters FIR
Sailor’s assessment? 6 letters RATING
An avalanche would be too much for him 4 letters ALAN
One feels there are five 6 letters SENSES
Where during the day the old tax people got the cream? 5 letters DAIRY
Bit of a clever Dick this composer? 5 letters VERDI
Life dependency needs one to be this 3 letters FED
Roll up a hill 4 letters ROTA


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