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The Evening Standards Cryptic Crossword November 16 2022 Answers

The Evening Standards Cryptic Crossword November 16 2022 Answers:

With soft extra cushions 6 letters PADDED
The service I care for quite ridiculously 8 letters AIRFORCE
Food for Pegasus not Gus 4 letters PEAS
The drink Jock has with a companion 6 letters SCOTCH
Villain who’s lost half the hair in his head? 6 letters PIRATE
All you need is to be determined 3 letters SET
The animal arrived at Leatherhead 5 letters CAMEL
Variegated having piebald parts 4 letters PIED
He can’t have been in uniform all that long 5 letters CADET
It’s like honey dear 5 letters SUGAR
Employed in a Staffordshire district 5 letters HIRED
Are they for opening the piano? 4 letters KEYS
An opening in optics 5 letters PUPIL
Form of address used by the courteous Irish 3 letters SIR
Article written in advance 6 letters LEADER
Point to a pink variety of serviette 6 letters NAPKIN
Current shortage? 4 letters AMPS
Charlie takes a couple out in small boats 8 letters CORACLES
Did he house people in Rome? 6 letters HORACE
Fail to take a ticket to the top? 6 letters PASSUP
Consumed with care! 6 letters DIETED
Hasty exclamation on getting balder? 4 letters DASH
Being superior he’s not in favour of cooking rice 7 letters OFFICER
Colour of many a quantity of paper 5 letters CREAM
At the end of April the woman left the flat 5 letters LEVEL
A model attitude 4 letters POSE
Deputise for one at court 3 letters ACT
The one who deserted from the regiment on Tuesday? 3 letters RAT
The towel man 5 letters TERRY
They’re paid to the workers’ leader at times 5 letters WAGES
The children produce a magazine 5 letters ISSUE
The despicable fellow could be a bit truculent 3 letters CUR
Pop up again 3 letters DAD
But surely you’ve heard that it’s golden? 7 letters SILENCE
Secreted by aphids 3 letters HID
Fish lying on the bed? 6 letters KIPPER
Airmen from Berkshire? 4 letters ERKS
One bad thing is to get a broken leg 6 letters SINGLE
Where to step round the corner 5 letters PLACE
Duos having an afterthought about a melody 5 letters PAIRS
The missile from Uncle? 3 letters SAM
The architect Hans became 4 letters NASH


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