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The Evening Standards Cryptic Crossword November 18 2022 Answers

The Evening Standards Cryptic Crossword November 18 2022 Answers:

A satellite receiver outside wicked inside: diabolical 8 letters DEVILISH
He has a meal without me at lunchtime 3 letters ALI
Meaning to bring it home to us 6 letters IMPORT
Loaded and attacked 6 letters STONED
Turns back to in floods of tears 7 letters ROTATES
The late morning paper 4 letters EXAM
Unpopular for having eaten garlic? 10 letters INBADODOUR
Didn’t forget being ordered back 8 letters RECALLED
Contend when you arrive with the favourite in it 7 letters COMPETE
Stood the wine 4 letters ROSE
Confront with at a price by all accounts 6 letters ACCOST
Having to steel oneself to taking a head-on view 17 letters FACINGTHEPROSPECT
Ringing a second best about a best friend 6 letters BASSET
Go ahead and get a connection 4 letters LEAD
With difficulty ring me during the performance 7 letters SOMEHOW
Contrary when you communicate with 8 letters CONVERSE
A gamble that people cleaning up after fires accept 10 letters SWEEPSTAKE
Excitement the malefactor could do without! 4 letters STIR
Vindicated when the cheque was declared valid 7 letters CLEARED
Marks it as potentially two points 6 letters STAINS
Be surrogate parents for Stephen? 6 letters FOSTER
Having character we’re told making a stand 3 letters TEE
Don’t hand over if equipped to carry cargo 8 letters WITHHOLD
Detonating and leaving 10 letters SETTINGOFF
For the cat to use as a bed you say 4 letters LION
Learns when one discovers to be mistaken 8 letters FINDSOUT
A lady-bird enveloped in smoke 7 letters CHEROOT
Acid drops? 11 letters BITTERTEARS
Excellent start to one’s education 10 letters FIRSTCLASS
Ask for with charm 6 letters APPEAL
They snap the rough sea 8 letters BREAKERS
Up to a 36 5 letters ASTIR
Views as a dreadful pest cold-hearted 7 letters ASPECTS
Ring with a precious stone returned with a letter 5 letters OMEGA
Lenient with him 7 letters CLEMENT
Anyway even the most gadabout socialite can’t be! 11 letters ATALLEVENTS
Leaving it to mother to make you better 10 letters NATURECURE
Reacted favourably when one photographed flatteringly? 10 letters TOOKKINDLY
The assumption is there is now a choice 8 letters ADOPTION
Be against including it or just the reverse 8 letters OPPOSITE
Rent decreased? That is a disappointment 7 letters LETDOWN
Extremely with-it in truth 6 letters VERITY
The name is material 5 letters SERGE

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