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The Evening Standards Cryptic Crossword November 7 2022 Answers

The Evening Standards Cryptic Crossword November 7 2022 Answers:

Very little time perhaps to consume some nuts 6 letters MINUTE
Bullfighter’s girl? 8 letters VERONICA
General who arranged truces 6 letters CUSTER
Catch many a snake 5 letters CLASP
Citizen Welles? 4 letters KANE
It’s wrong for an officer to cheat at pinball 4 letters TILT
New Zealander taking some kids to the West Indies 4 letters KIWI
Eggs but not quite oval 3 letters OVA
Frank has nothing to write 4 letters OPEN
Beefy team? 4 letters SIDE
A paper promise valued in the past 9 letters POUNDNOTE
At snooker halls they roll around in hundreds 4 letters REDS
Frenchman giving engineers directions 4 letters RENE
A little tea to help in recuperation 3 letters CUP
Around the end of June he had to get something paid 4 letters HEED
Hotel cleaner compelled to speak 4 letters MAID
Be inclined to do nursing? 4 letters TEND
Being on the shelf maddens Sadie! 5 letters ASIDE
Go and foolishly trade a piano in 6 letters DEPART
Quotations from former writings 8 letters EXTRACTS
He uses a lot of fuel 6 letters STOKER
Be the cause of a vacation 5 letters EVICT
Extraterrestrial experiment? 5 letters TRIAL
The twins’ game 4 letters SNAP
Parrot’s masterly imitation of a crow 5 letters MACAW
Facially it seems to contradict what the eyes say! 4 letters NOSE
Eleven plus 6 letters TWELVE
In various nouns one discovers a certain togetherness 6 letters UNISON
For the golfer a position of rest 3 letters LIE
Put up with having no seat 5 letters STOOD
Related to a benevolent revolutionary 7 letters KINDRED
It’s a London –wood you know 3 letters KEN
Poem about a fathead returning from Odessa? 3 letters ODE
Pressure guide to become dopey villain 6 letters PUSHER
Those in the paper at various times? 5 letters ITEMS
Go out of shape practically 3 letters PEP
If wrong he gets fined! 3 letters NED
Bear for each in ditch 6 letters RUPERT
Deceive the young? 3 letters KID
Invade some forbidden territory 5 letters ENTER
Breathy line in chat possibly 5 letters AITCH
Thick part of a wooden seat 5 letters DENSE
Sail by an indirect route 4 letters TACK
A hairstyle suitable for a change 4 letters AFRO


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