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The Guardian – Cryptic crossword No 28,911 – Nov 10 2022 Crossword Answers

The Guardian – Cryptic crossword No 28,911 – Nov 10 2022 Crossword Solutions

Clues Answers
A cash reserve for moving aboard AFLOAT
A scan screening heart of Moroccan flyer AVOCET
A slowing down in network is no common occurrence? RARITY
Assembled online info with evil intent, first rejecting a little DATABASE
Being realistic, cold wader left river HARDBITTEN
Bogus leading lady once remained unknown ERSATZ
Clandestine second party serving men BACKDOOR
Communist country bridge player’s declared vocation NORTHKOREA
Crab possibly unable to move NEBULA
Crossing fen, got an outlandish form of transport TOBOGGAN
Current means of identifying hallucinogen ACID
Cut top of oak, cracking little wood GROOVE
Dodgy South American spiritual, one convicts originally introduced SUSPICIOUS
Emperor, China’s last, is hosted by king and queen KAISER
Exit speech from Atlantean, with the odd omission TATA
Experienced editor supporting main issue SEASONED
God made man run after motorists, collecting tax AVATAR
Having read abridged bible, sadly one strays from the text ADLIBBER
Housman initially working for donkey’s years AEON
Key workers once a must for Spooner’s plumber? TYPINGPOOL
One fetching and carrying timber from the ark GOPHER
Pitman once bringing in amateur scrutineer EXAMINER
Places formerly selling gold-lined ranges AGORAS
Provision for light sleeper? DAYBED
Showing no compassion at any time in Kent? SEVERE
Solidly built deep sink THICKSET
Tropical legume cook rarely uses OKRA
Walking slowly after a girl may be taking a risk GAMBLING


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