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The Guardian – Cryptic crossword No 28,916 – Nov 16 2022 Crossword Answers

The Guardian – Cryptic crossword No 28,916 – Nov 16 2022
Clues Answers
About sexual partner with depression: the result of earthmoving occurrences CLAYPIT
At first, convict turned grey in the pen CAGED
Best college sheets CREAM
Britain enters whopper motor event quite freely LIBERALLY
Bury’s opposite side: tin production, right? DISINTER
Constables cooked plaice aboard ship? SPECIALS
Disagree about line taken by Wood CLASH
Duck upset about erect garden plant LUPIN
Feel leaderless? That’s painful! OUCH
First border described by China PRIMAL
Follow writer, but not Penny Townsend, say ENSUE
Funny person quit protecting aide’s back SCREAM
Game: if lost, it would make you mad? MARBLES
Heroin in the morning? Well over the top HAMMY
Hidden eastern prisoner tried to break outside RECONDITE
In Florida? Go bag a Sri Lankan shrine dagoba
Indifferent military officer on date COLD
It’s often potted and propagated with top removed RED
Just start to simmer and make insinuations SIMPLY
Managing, or playing with, Clinton INCONTROL
Monsieur Simenon excited about college for the art of memory assistance MNEMONICS
Nutty quality refined and introduced to stew MADNESS
Obscure book recommendation — book withdrawn BLUR
Old hunting cry that’s heard in part of central London SOHO
Organic compound put into water gets egg producer extremely youthful DIPHENYL
Parking was to be found for Candida, perhaps PLAY
Perhaps the young Mozart’s expert crack at symphony’s finale PRODIGY
Pole accepts the church over style and ornamentation DECOR
Possibly another one in party, broadcasting ONTHERADIO
Right time to turn back during eg ramble STRAY
They would be crowned before getting on boats PRETENDERS
Unemotional Clinton not turned away by one state CLINICAL
What to expect from, say, an uncooperative Frenchman soon? ANON


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