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The Guardian – Cryptic crossword No 28,970 – Jan 18 2023 Crossword Answers

Clues Answers
Children pursuing small mam­mals? Insufferably twee KITSCH
Close and hot on the way out? ENDANGERED
Drinking hole popular with additional number INN
Figure in uncovered sunken ship will be adjacent to seaweed RECTANGLE
Force that is keeping military police liberal IMPEL
Harm dodged by one sailor that’s turned up a snake MAMBA
Hidden observer coming round about in pursuit of ordinary bird OSPREY
Historic coins, encompassing old legal tender? SOLICITOUS
I’m interrupting musician that’s rejected dense material OSMIUM
Male brought in to make a meal CREAMTEA
Mostly criticised student: letting oneself down? RAPPEL
Not quite a group study centre UNI
Old horse-drawn vehicle carrying a whip FLAY
One driven mad by Regan and ilk? KINGLEAR
One may get something from television that they couldn’t get from radio LIPREADER
Position that’ll block official aid RELIEF
Possible result of punch striking secretly helpful creature? KOBOLD
Prepared location for some nails? ONHAND
Rich politician turned out in America, swinging both ways SUMPTUOUS
Rosy stuff? Half of that’s black stuff ATTAR
Satisfied after cure’s put paid to a nutcase HELMET
Source of reconstruction in London, say WREN
Straightforward writer in thousand, possibly OPENANDSHUT
Substantial latitude given about source of computer memory RECALL
Tense chap residing in large land mass __ or small land mass TASMANIA
Thrash metal’s aim, creating tunes MELISMATA
Ultimate source of utility in prize clock component PENDULUM
Vast expansion of G & T __ one tucks in GIANT
Weak ideology limiting party intelligence WISDOM
What you’d associate with Beethoven, true master possibly around piano EARTRUMPETS


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