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The Guardian – Cryptic crossword No 29,103 – Jun 22 2023 Crossword

Clues Answers
According to reporter, East End trio’s at large FREE
American, as it happens, is quick ALIVE
Animal that grazes in pen put up on island ORIBI
Bishop abandons Italian riverbank TIER
Enchanting person’s publication __ the Guardian? MAGUS
Exaltation and short satisfied expression for one in bed LARKSPUR
Fashion items around posh Hollywood area for model SIMULATE
Fish cakes flipping green, with dessert being yellow COWARDICE
Hands clasping bird, one dwelling in trees LEMUR
Idle, following extremely casual father CLERIC
Luvvie, attacked by bee crossing river, hobbled HAMSTRUNG
Means of buying audio version of The Unbearable Lightness of Being? CHEQUEBOOK
Navy brought in new look for navy emblem REDENSIGN
Nearly trick chess champion, making exchanges TRADING
New Yorker’s behind acceptable British driver BUTTON
Old Brits, perhaps still way to the north PICTS
One might get played in auditor’s vile scam BASSFIDDLE
One might record duration of brief uprising TIMER
Opposes further exams head of school’s introduced RESISTS
Outspoken genius rejects one scientist playing God FRANKENSTEIN
Parent into Jack Kerouac at last __ it’s On The Road TARMAC
Person in Black Sea abroad catches old vessel MOURNER
Policeman getting stoned, in a dreadful state DILAPIDATION
Pupil hasn’t started rewarding activity EARNER
Stole M Sartre’s case in waterside shed BOATHOUSE
Storybook prefaced by a Spanish translator’s intro UNTRUTH
Strike idiot in neck and face in scrap DOWNTOOLS
Struggle eating animal produce? Such a person would VEGGIE
Syrian’s theatrical work missing right part of it? DAMASCENE
T Rex oddly covering It Hurts Me __ it’s a hit! TOUCHE


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