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The Guardian Cryptic Crossword November 14 2022 Answers

The Guardian Cryptic Crossword November 14 2022 Answers:

See 22 7 letters DIOXIDE
Cold capital with extremes of temperature that creates a 19 after change 7 letters CLIMATE
A service that’s revolutionary at a distance 4 letters AFAR
Confine guy’s joint and hand 10 letters PENMANSHIP
Endless dirt: it is recurrent creating baffling problems 6 letters CRUXES
Cushion Brown left in Oman possibly 8 letters INSULATE
9 this from recycled plutonium — guards look back leaving depleted uranium 9 letters POLLUTION
Expressionist artist’s content to get things moving 5 letters START
Charlotte’s discrimination shown in a brief device 5 letters AGISM
Crisis with English vehicle missing a crossing over French sea 9 letters EMERGENCY
Fast route from A to B then regularly dashing around university 8 letters AUTOBAHN
International where young woman crosses pitch 6 letters GLOBAL
Where tourists go to order cava and roast beef starter 10 letters COSTABRAVA
Book character 4 letters MARK
Dispersing a thing full of energy 7 letters HEATING
Men hate cooking — it contributes to 24 28 7 letters METHANE
Brighton ref nit-picking — hosts raised hell 7 letters INFERNO
Copycat is over neat 5 letters XEROX
Store outside Santander’s affirmative bank 7 letters DEPOSIT
Network trouble arising that is hampering society 6 letters LIAISE
Film the French on strike a cover for Christmas activities 9 letters MISTLETOE
Rogue that creates revolutions 7 letters TWISTER
Male inventor sick about Newton becoming green 13 letters
Attack in California city bay a start to tragedy 9 letters LASHOUTAT
Stick lettuce inside something sweet 7 letters GLUCOSE
Again class note German artist of French extraction 7 letters REGRADE
Annoyance of old king hampered by restraint 7 letters CHAGRIN
Battered cod boxed in air or gas 6 letters CARBON
Energy zero — not moving! 5 letters OOMPH


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